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  1. Athabasca, which in retrospect was probably a poor decision haha.
  2. really? interesting to hear.... i've been working full time (planning on quitting when the semester starts) and doing the courses; not really an excuse, and I'm sure others are managing fine, but have found it quite hard in the current circumstances to do as well as i usually might have.
  3. i'm aware current students might be able to better answer this. i was just wondering - do you know if the Oct deadline for completing the introductory econ classes is a hard deadline? and what happens if someone doesn't meet the cut off grade? will they have to retake the course?
  4. you're not permitted to take the econ course outside your specialization just as a heads up. It's a shame, some other streams have much more preferable econ classes!
  5. id say don't give up, some people are bound to drop out. i have a lot of friends who want to defer graduate studies with the pandemic going on, so i imagine it'll be the same even at npsia. sounds like you're on a waitlist which is still good!
  6. does anyone know when on july 10 registration is open to all? or is it literally start at 12
  7. literally every class i wanted for winter is full lol although fall term worked perfectly!
  8. so i guess the impression i got from the webinar was that depending on availability (especially later on in the summer if some people drop/defer), we might be able to switch streams? was that just me?
  9. DFP. I prepared a worksheet and will check during my lunch break whether the classes are full. Not particularly optimistic lol. I did prepare back ups but theres one class in particular in my field im keen to take so fingers crossed, but i have to wait until 3:30
  10. I was under the impression we couldny enroll in other classes outside our field designation until a week from now?
  11. Dumb question but how do i know if the class is full? If the status is still open does that mean spaces are left? I have the fortunate of having a 3 30 start time...
  12. i finally got the orientation package, glad to see there are more emails being sent out on a regular basis
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