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  1. I am sorry you are in this situation, I have been in limbo and haven't been told anything either. Now I am kinda going of the assumption that I won't have hours period. Cause classes start next week and I am set at 0 hours
  2. I got nothing so far - I didnt even get the original email for some reason but I saw both INAF 5018 7 INAF 5017 have courses created on the cuLearn
  3. How many hours did they give you with admission, if you don't mind me asking? I didn't get the syllabus - any chance I can email you to forward it to me
  4. I got nothing - I may email them to see what's going regarding that considering COVID situation.
  5. I am debating merits of diploma vs another masters - what are your thoughts on that.
  6. Is anyone doing or planning on doing MIPIS or grad diplomma in IPIS?
  7. I got an email saying I was denied - as the course is full. That's so odd!
  8. I don't have any assigments - I asked the department about that but they never got back to me. I am considering but probably not, I don't know if I'd wanna TA a distance-ed course
  9. Irnerd is right, But maybe you could email Kailey - let her know you are interested in switching she may be able yo help you take a different econ course
  10. I mean it looks... specific. What are you enrolled in now?
  11. I think I saw it before - but I don't know if it was couple of days ago or couple of weeks ago Also - I guess that would be diplomatic specialty that already has like7 courses to choose from
  12. I figured they have spots reserved for both. Considering how much emphasis they were putting on taking things in your specialty I find this ironic
  13. Yeah - I am in IIA. I emailed them and asked wh ythey only had 2 courses and Kailey said they didn't anticipate such high demand or something along those lines. I may be crazy but I feel like other specialties got more selection than us with only 2 courses. I am curious if this was an issue last year.
  14. Hey everyone - is anyone taking technology and War or Internet Governance. I would love to connect!
  15. In addition to Hawkmoon's comment, you maintain full time status regardless of number of courses. They are opening all courses this Friday - so we can take something else just in case. That being said, I don't know why most of us did not have the ability to get into our own courses. Since I am in IIA and courses were closed I may take a diplomacy stream course and request being switched as I cannot fullfil my specialization
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