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  1. best of luck to you!! I have really similar stats and also 2 yrs work experience w the feds so hopefully this is our time! EDIT: also I saw in some previous posts that once at your stage, it's a matter of days (usually 1-2) before you hear back
  2. anyone else still at "review in progress"? starting to think I should consider other options.
  3. Congrats!!!! Good luck!!! I'm still at under review ugh LOL
  4. I'm not at preliminary review, but I've been at "review in progress by dept" since January, the wait is agonizing 😭
  5. Join the party lol!! I'm also at "Review in progress by department". The anxiety is brutal but we're all smart and based off broader trends for the higher-ed industry, this is a particularly competitive year which is important to keep in mind to avoid being too hard on ourselves.
  6. I've gone from preliminary to under review by department since last week. I just keep reminding myself that one way or another, the waiting game will end soon.
  7. seeing as other schools are quicker to send out decisions (some people in this thread indicated they were already accepted to GSPIA for example), they likely wanted to scare students into confirming offers they already have rather than wait for NPSIA to reduce the competition. So they're assuming everyone has the same first choice and career aspirations? nice try lol
  8. So sorry to hear that but I sincerely hope you get in somewhere great.
  9. Thanks! I just meant the order of going through the applications. For example, reviewing applications starting with the highest GPAs first then going down the list. I'm thinking it could influence who gets an offer and when.
  10. @lh443424 yup same I've been checking Carleton Central incessantly since Feb 1 st lol. Anyone know if they review apps by GPA?
  11. this could be a long shot but does anyone know the number of applications NPSIA receives, the total offers that go out, and the total spaces in each cohort? I know some programs like MBA's publish this info but couldn't find anything for NPSIA. Thanks!
  12. finished my application a couple weeks ago, good luck!
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