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  1. Ha! Update on the TA situation. I was informed by the department and the prof that my TA job would be sort of "student outreach" and wouldn't require any knowledge of the material. Okay, no worries! Then, like two days later, the prof emails me to say that the TA needs of the class have been reassessed, that she can no longer use me, and that I'll likely be reassigned. It's been about 5 days since then, and I'm still attached to the class, but my "Total Hours" of work is now set at 0. Back in limbo! Fun stuff.
  2. Got my TA assignment... PAPM 1001, "The Policy Cycle". I have very limited policy experience, and my first class on policy will be the mandatory "Policy Process and International Affairs" 1/2 semester class this Fall... so... not super confident with this assignment.
  3. Huh... maybe you'll be working on the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal?
  4. Where are you doing the class? Is it through Carleton? Or did you take the one at Athabasca?
  5. I'm honestly tempted to take it, just because it's at a good time.
  6. Ooh, a new class has appeared in Carleton Central! INAF 5409: "Turkish Foregin [sic] Policy" Jesus... talk about niche... Or was it always there, and my mind just blanked it out?
  7. Intelligence and International Affairs is also an IPIS elective (cross-listed as IPIS 5303), so some of the spots may have been taken by students either doing MIPIS or the IPIS graduate diploma.
  8. Tentatively scheduled for Internet Governance! I wanted to take Technology and War, but it was full Doh... disregard. I thought I'd signed up for Internet Governance, but apparently signed up for Global Public Policy as well as Humanitarian Assistance instead (?)
  9. You have two years to get the 3 classes needed to fulfill your specialization. I figure the two IIA fall-term classes probably filled up with 2nd year students who couldn't do them in their first year (because 2nd year students in that year filled up the classes, ad.inf.) FWIW, they offered INAF 5204 this summer, so there's a chance it will get offered again next summer. (Also, I think DFP might be full... the only specialization I know for sure still has space is HDHP).
  10. Welp, registered for classes (and submitted the override request for 5204). I guess I'm sticking with IIA for the time being!
  11. Leaning IDP, HDHP, or IOGP. Also, I'm taking the fact that both of the Fall IIA classes are already marked as "full, no waitlist" as something of a sign from the universe. Actually, even the lone class that has no specialization (EU in International Affairs, 5805) is full
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