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  1. Nothing yet. From what I've read on forums, registration usually doesn't start until July but that schedule has probably been changed.
  2. Makes sense. I've only been working casual contracts with the Feds so I'll probably be looking at a TAship or part time as I doubt very much if I will get any OSAP grants or loans.
  3. Advice from someone who has given multiple hours of court testimony. mmh96 has good info, definitely make a list of generic replies and treat them almost like a script. Read up on major global issues. For practice have someone off camera when you are recording yourself on a laptop and talk to them. This allows you to approach it as a conversation and not as an interview per se. Do some research, gather a general sense of what they have asked others (if that is allowed). Have your practice partner selection a question from the different topics you provide them. I know 3 minutes might seem like an eternity when you actually do it, but really it's not that long if it is a subject you know and are interested in. It's basically an elevator interview... And for the love of God breathe. I saw fellow officer pass out on the stand because he wasn't breathing properly. Take 4-5 deep breathes before starting and breathe at a comma and at the end of every sentence. (caveat here: I haven't applied to Munk so I don't really know what the procedure is. Whether they just provide a question or is there an actual interviewer...) Ok found this on the Munk website... Applicants are required to answer one randomly selected question. The questions are related to issues in global affairs. Applicants have 5 mins to prep their answer and 3 mins to record their response. Once your response has been recorded you cannot go back and record another one. Applicants have the opportunity to practice on three questions before they record their response.
  4. @ ah_97 Welcome to the Dark Side... We have beer and treats... lol
  5. If you are doing them thru Carleton online, they are pretty straightforward. Prof. Joseph was excellent. Any time i had a problem I went to see him at the campus and he was really helpful. (I struggled with Econ 1001 as I'd never done an econ course before but still got a B+. Not happy with that but I'm not really a good online student so... lol )
  6. Intelligence and International Affairs! Whoop!
  7. Hope everyone is safe and doing well. Got my official acceptance letter yesterday! Not much funding but wasn't expecting much anyway but it helps. When does OSAP funding usually open for applications?
  8. Just go to Carleton Central and click on "View Application Details". About halfway down the page you will see this: Term: Fall 2020 Full/Part Time Status: Full Time Department: Norman Paterson School of International Affairs Degree: Master of Arts Program: Master of Arts: International Affairs Field of Study: International Affairs Specialization: Intelligence and International Affairs Application Status: Review in progress by department
  9. Yeah I'm in the same boat... The Carleton Central just changed and I have my specialization but no funding package as of yet...
  10. Damn... I'm not holding out much hope for getting mine then as I don't have change to my app yet. I wonder if that is possible? The students in the specialization would probably get first choice but I'd bet there is room for other students.
  11. Hey if you can pull it off, good luck! Depending on funding I'll probably have to work part time...
  12. From what I've been told if you do no co-ops, no TA-ing, and do summer courses etc, you would be able to finish within a year. But one of the reasons I chose NPSIA is the networking and co-op opportunities there. 10-11 course in a year at a masters level would be difficult for me.
  13. Yeah got the email so that's good. Really need to get a handle on funding soon tho.. Did you get a specialization??/
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