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  1. Pretty sure they will get you up to speed quickly. With your education and experience you'll have no problems...
  2. Has anyone gotten the syllabi for the other courses? I've only gotten the INAF 5018: Law and International Affairs one so far...
  3. Oh and has anyone looked at the Rosetta Stone option for the language requirement?? I think I'll be going that route as it appears the most flexible.
  4. I was looking at the IPIS stream. Interesting courses especially as Canada is so resource driven, lots of infrastructure to cover.
  5. Same here. I'm guessing that someone dropped out and opened up a spot...
  6. So there is movement! Glad to know you were able to get in one of them anyway.
  7. Sooo any one hear anything back regarding the Override requests?? All I received back was a note advising if space opened up they would reconsider. Did manage to register for 5410 Canada in INTL Affairs tho. And if anyone is in Ottawa and would like to meet for coffee drop me a pm.
  8. Like Elle said I assumed ( ...And we all know what happens when you assume something...) that since IPIS shared some of the courses NPSIA would ensure that there would be enough seats that both sections got access. I see that NPSIA Students Assoc. had a blurb on FB that many students over enrolled. Possibly that is what happened... Who knows?! <shrug>
  9. Cornering the niche Turkish market since 1908... It's been there since last week, if it had been about the Syrian War or something similar I would have considered it.
  10. The impression i got was that this had been happening for sometime. Why would students going into their second year need to grab what are essentially first year courses... I though that given the present circumstances they would expand the class sizes in order to handle the issues.
  11. Yeah was looking at those two also.... Alas, full, no waitlist.... 😕 Oops, Apparently Global policy is still open.... Not sure if I will sign up for that or not.. Update: Signed up for Global Policy. Any chance of getting into the actual specialization courses seem to be nil and next to nil apparently...
  12. Was going to sign up but Full no waitlist... This is unreal.....
  13. Put in an over-ride request for your specialization course. I ran into the same problem and that is what they suggested. Can't hurt to try. i am going to contact the office this week to ask why this happened...
  14. Same , Same. Winter semester was a breeze tho. Econ, Counterterr, Intell and I decided to go with Strategic Foresight...
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