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  1. I got an automated email saying I could register in 5244. The email indicated I had one day to do so, or they would move on down the list.
  2. Mine ends in 34 and I got the 10am slot. Though I wonder if the assignment of the last two digits is random? It doesn't seem very fair that students who are lucky get first pick while classes fill up fast. Hopefully there will be some movement and courses open up again. I'm not particularly thrilled with taking Intell & International Affairs so when other courses open up I might try to snag one in the CON field instead.
  3. So Terr&Intl Sec is full. I successfully enrolled in it, refreshed the page and it was gone (and full).....
  4. I'm hoping to do INAF5244 (Terrorism and Intl Security). For the Winter, I'm planning to register in: 5015 - Rrsch Design Method Int Affair 5214 - Economics for Defence & Secur 5225 - Cybersecurity in Canada (I wanted to do counterterrorism in lieu of this, but it didn't work with my work schedule). What time is your registration? Mine is at 10am.
  5. NPSIA will be releasing the Fall timetable on 8 June (so you can see what time classes are at). I emailed and NPSIA confirmed all of its classes will be online, either synchronous or asynchronous (up to the instructor). Registration for courses opens on 3 July for new graduate students.
  6. Your conditions are noted in the graduate admissions modal; I think the 'view holds and conditions of offer' are for financial holds and undergraduate admissions. Does anyone know when Carleton usually posts their timetable of classes for the Fall? I'm curious to see when the mandatory classes are so I can start figuring out how I'm going to fit them in with work.
  7. Thanks! Intelligence and International Affairs, my first choice!
  8. Yea, I just received an unofficial email from Lauren. Thanks!
  9. My status just changed from "recommended for assessment" to "review in progress by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs" and my specialization was updated in Carleton Central. Should I take this as a positive sign? How long is it usually in this status before a decision is made?
  10. Dang - nothing yet. To those who are accepted, did you status move back to in review first? Mines still at Recommended for Assessment. .
  11. Was secretly hoping at least some of us would hear back today (based on timing from the last few years) ... I haven't heard anything and I'm in recommended for assessment;' anyone hear back?
  12. Weird - mine just moved from review in progress by department to recommended for assessment today.
  13. Do you know when your status moved to recommended for assessment? I'm still at review in progress (but I finished my application 31 January).
  14. I also ran into this issue. I got accepted into the MSc Conflict Studies program at the London School of Economics. They need me to reply whether I will be taking up my place or not soon. I emailed Carleton about what I should do and they said: "Applicants considered in the first round of offers will hear back in early March. This said, obviously this timeline may extend if your application is not considered until the second round. In situations like this I recommend accepting your alternative offer, and should you later receive something from NPSIA and wish to change you can at that time
  15. Intelligence was my first choice, second choice was conflict analysis. To be honest, I actually think I'd prefer my second choice at this point. I thought studying the intelligence stream would be interesting, but when I think of potential topics for a research essay, my mind goes straight to conflict and its inter-generational effects on economic prosperity, health and ultimate state survival.
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