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  1. Hey i can provide some advise on this since i was talking with Kailey about it back in early March; if you want to take the Econ PreReq's at Carleton (which is cheaper) you have to register as a special student to enroll in courses which is an easy process (i attached a link below). I just enrolled in Econ 1001 & 1002 at Carleton and it's all online now so you don't really have to worry about getting into the classes and they're taught on an accelerated timetable so each one only takes 6 weeks roughly and it saved me roughly $800.00 versus taking them at Athabasca. https://car
  2. Hey everyone, glad to see we have lots of acceptances rolling in! I have a question i'm hoping someone in this group can provide some answers too in regards to Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS). I've previously been accepted to NPSIA, Munk, LSE, GSPIA, and SPPA and I have applied for OGS at the Canadian choices by their submission deadlines. However, i'm having trouble figuring out when they generally begin to let students know if their OGS application was successful or not. Therefore, i'm hoping someone here can provide some clarification around this. I appreciate all feedback tha
  3. no worries i appreciate anyone commenting, the more info the better! and i agree, i expect it to be pretty generous overall so i'm not worried, just hate waiting it out
  4. If you don't mind me asking, how generous was the funding from NPSIA, i'm still waiting for my official letter but am curious about the entrance/merit scholarship portion
  5. Nope, it seems like their not giving much out this year I guess
  6. I got my formal offer for Munk last night!
  7. from what I've read in previous years' forums, it generally seems like the people who got the "invited" status got offers in the following weeks. So fingers crossed!
  8. agreed, i think some people place too much emphasis on brand name without considering the other factors. For me personally, i think i would turn down Munk if my funding is decent from NPSIA since i don't have any interest in working in the private sector.
  9. I have been wondering about this as well, the school recommended that if you didn't get OSAP, OGS, or some other type of scholarship, ScotiaBank offers professional loans up to 100k if your credit history is good and if you can potentially get a cosigner (depending on if your working full time or not). In terms of the return on investment, i honestly can't say, I know some people that went to programs like Munk, LSE, Georgetown etc and never got any big private sector jobs to justify the debt they took, while on the other hand, i have met a lot of people from what would be considered "middle o
  10. I also got my Unofficial NPSIA email offer, along with an offer for Carleton’s MPPA program. Curious to see what the funding will be like tho.
  11. haha fair enough, it is a beautiful city no doubt!
  12. Haha i guess she has a point, i was also interested in other international masters but figured a Canadian school will present more opportunities to work in the Canadian government
  13. Thanks! I agree London is amazing and I have lived in the U.K. for a year previously on exchange during my undergrad so LSE would be sweet, the only thing that holds me back is the cost really, hard to justify going if i can go to a great Canadian school for next to nothing (excluding Munk). For sure send me a message, I'm always eager to talk this stuff out with people! Federal government is also my preference if i get into NPSIA, i haven't directly worked in the public service, but i've worked for hospitals and universities and have volunteered at international events like the Pan Am ga
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