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  1. Is there anything on the letter about funding? Is it supposed to be announced with the offer letters? I guess we might find out when we see other posts! I only applied to Munk lol! So I'm planning on going!
  2. I read a post about someone having a book published + a 3.9 GPA and still receiving an offer without funding. It's a little disconcerting --- but a huge achievement and I do not know what to do!
  3. Me too! Did yours have any funding details attached to it? I don't think I got any lol
  4. From reading across multiple forums, being 'invited is promising. But some people have also been accepted without being 'invited' on Acorn prior to receiving an official letter. It seems kind of confusing. I talked to my friend who was wait listed for another UofT program and their Acorn was not updated. Then I asked another friend who was accepted into Munk for European and Russian studies and their Acorn is updated. So all in all, I am happy to see 'invited' but I'm waiting for an actual legitimate letter for real confirmation. I guess letters will most likely be sent out next we
  5. Okay everyone... I logged on to Acorn just right now and its says invited beside the MGA description.... What does this mean? Does anyone else have this? Omg
  6. Nope. I have a feeling that MGA applicants will not hear back until next week, or the week after... MPP usually hears back a week or two earlier, if everything ends up being the same as last year! I really wish we knew already, the wait is brutal!
  7. Does anyone who applied to Munk know how to access acorn with their applicant number? Last year, applicants could assume that they were accepted by logging in and seeing that they were 'invited' -- around like March 12ish... I thought I'd ask because I'm impatient lol
  8. The wait for Munk acceptances is so painful. I know the emails will probably be sent out in the second week of March, but a small part of my brain is like... What if? Patience is virtue I do not have
  9. Hi!!! I've applied to Munk too and I am very anxious, anticipating the result! I feel like we will hear back between March 1-15, but I think the earlier we hear the more likely that we've received funding.
  10. Hey! I want to create a forum about MUNK MGA Admissions! I would love to connect and discuss everything! Gosh I really want to be accepted so bad
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