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  1. Hey what do you mean "after the initial recommendation letter deadline"?
  2. Hey @uoftears! Great idea! Just searched for a FB group and it doesn't exist so I made one. Munk MGA 2022 - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1083032558744469/
  3. Hi @KinoCat! Congrats! Yeah the flight and border issues are really stressing me out too but like you said, there's just some things we can't control. I know Toronto just cancelled all events until end of June/July but I have a friend who runs a small school there and they're prepping the teachers on heading back for a regular September term so fingers crossed. I'm also considering student family housing for myself and my partner but I think there might still be places available off campus so I wouldn't rule it out.
  4. Congrats on your acceptance too! Yeah I'm holding out hope that everything is back to normal by mid-August. I would recommend that you take the offer now instead of deferring because the funding situation next year will definitely be much worse. In terms of the job market, I'm an international student so I can't give you complete specifics for the Canadian job market. That said, the recession will hit everyone quite hard and there may be hiring freezes for skilled labour but there might be a chance for jobs. With all the industries getting back on their feet at the same time that there mi
  5. Just got accepted into Munk! Was your funding email separate from acceptance email or is it all in the portal?
  6. Hi everyone, I applied for: MGA at UofToronto - accepted with funding MPP at UofToronto - status pending MPP at McGill - status pending Good luck to everyone!
  7. Hi all, I'm heading to Munk for Fall 2020. Just wanted to start a thread to say hi, share information, commiserate etc. Also with Harvard&MIT sending students back for Spring Break indefinitely because of the Covid-19, is there a possibility that we'll be affected in September?
  8. Hey, I've thought about the same. I'm an international student and considering Harvard and MIT just sent their students home for spring break indefinitely; I'm not sure what the situation will be in August. Will the start of school be delayed?
  9. Hi everyone, Long time lurker here as well. International Student from Jamaica. Just got into Munk with 10k entrance scholarship. Thank you so much for posting! Seeing you guys talk about everything and sharing your anxieties really helped me deal with mine. Good luck to everyone and I hope to see some of you soon.
  10. Got waitlisted. A little heartbroken but keeping up my spirits.
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