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  1. Good to know @sare123, has anyone else heard back about funding being reconsidered?
  2. Does anyone know if there was a funding waitlist for MSFS?
  3. Those both make sense. I guess I'm worried the SFS prestige comes only with the MSFS program and other SFS programs (like regional programs) aren't regarded as highly in the DC professional community when you're looking for jobs....any insights on this?
  4. Is anyone else trying to decide between MSFS and one of the SFS regional programs? I'm focused on one region specifically and think that program would be more academically rigorous and interesting than what I've heard about MSFS classes, but am worried about getting a degree that's too specialized if we graduate during an economic recession.
  5. @GradSchoolGrad slightly unrelated question here since you seem to know a lot about the Georgetown SFS system....do you have any thoughts about the MSFS program vs one of the regionally-focused programs within SFS? I focus on a particular region and think the regional program would be more academically rigorous and interesting than MSFS, but am worried about pidgeonholing myself by getting a graduate degree that is too specific rather than a more general MSFS degree.
  6. I check the spreadsheet and it didn't have much information about anyone who successfully negotiated funding for GW or Georgetown MSFS...does anyone have insights on whether these schools will increase funding if you try to negotiate?
  7. Did anyone else do the video essay for MSFS? I know it was optional, but I didn't know if that meant it was encouraged or really just optional...
  8. Did you hear that from someone who applied in the past? Or is this a new practice?
  9. Hi all! Just thought I'd start a place for anyone applying to MA/MPP admissions in IR or foreign policy (Georgetown MSFS, Fletcher, SAIS, SIPA, GW etc) to share information about the admissions process...has anyone heard anything back yet about their applications?
  10. Hey everyone!! Thought i'd start a thread for anyone applying to the Georgetown MSFS program for Fall 2020, anyone else nervous waiting it out? When do we think we'll hear about admissions decisions?
  11. MA2020

    Boren 2017-2018

    I talked to them and they said we would hear by mid-week next week.
  12. MA2020

    Boren 2017-2018

    I just emailed and asked them...they're usually pretty responsive.
  13. MA2020

    Boren 2017-2018

    Slightly off topic...but if anyone is wondering, I talked to Boren and decisions are coming out the week of April 17th!
  14. MA2020

    Boren 2017-2018

    Has anyone who applied for the Scholarship received a budget update email?
  15. MA2020

    Boren 2017-2018

    Is anyone else applying to the Scholarship?
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