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  1. Hi everyone, I was all set to travel to Paris to start a two-year master's in economics and psychology, but during my last week at home I started getting some serious doubts about my decision. I'm looking for some rational advice on this topic because I have no idea what to do. Background: Econ and math BSc from top Canadian university, 2+ years of experience in digital consulting. Working remotely as a translator for the past year due to COVID and family issues. Pros of program: - Additional skills - Filling a gap in my resume - Waiting out the pandemic while doing someth
  2. Hi and thanks for starting this thread! I'm a bit surprised that there haven't been more responses considering the size of the school, but then again, these are uncertain times and many people are probably waiting it out. Congratulations on the acceptance! I haven't fully decided yet, but I have been accepted into the Economics MA for Fall 2020 and I'm leaning towards going. Based on what I've heard from profs and advisors in the department, the situation is still quite ambiguous. The first half of summer classes have been moved online, but they seem to be keeping their options open for t
  3. Hi everyone, With two weeks left until the decision deadline, I'm having trouble making up my mind about grad school. I have received an offer for the Economics MA at the University of Toronto, with partial funding in the form of guaranteed TA hours, however in light of the current pandemic (and my personal finances) I am afraid to make the wrong decision. My background: Econ and Math specialist from UofT, 3.47 GPA, followed by two years of work experience in Big 4 consulting overseas, then half a year without a job, freelancing for personal reasons. The master's program was supposed to
  4. Not yet, and I'm getting kind of anxious about it Received an acceptance from UofT about a week ago though. Have you also applied for an Economics MA at Queen's?
  5. Hi everyone, first time poster here. I applied for an MA in Economics: - University of Toronto - Queen's University Queen's is my first choice, but in the end it all comes down to funding. I did my undergrad in Math and Economics at UofT.
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