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  1. I know this is generic advice, but definitely just try to relax and take a deep breath before you start! You could also try recording yourself on your laptop away from the Kira Talent website just to get comfortable in front of the camera. Maybe try talking about a topic you know a lot about so you can feel confident. You can watch those videos back and see if there's anything you need to improve on in terms of speaking and presentation. Before I did the video question, I made a list of generic replies I could use in case I didn't know the answer to the question and then practiced those severa
  2. Thanks for your reply. I agree with you. I think the worst case scenario might be that the fall semester gets delayed. but as you said, it's too early to tell. I hope you hear some news soon!
  3. Any international students here worried that COVID-19 might affect the process of getting a Canadian student permit or delay the fall semester? This is probably just me worrying too much as usual, but I'm getting a little nervous about it.
  4. thank you! and I e-mailed the Asian Institute at Toronto about it, but still waiting on a response. In my statement of interest, I just mentioned that I wanted to apply for the specialization and mentioned my research interests in East Asia. so I don't think you had to submit additional forms! Also congratulations!
  5. Thank you!!! I wasn't expecting any funding, so I'll take it. Now I begin the search for a big loan, haha. Does anyone know about UofT's collaborative master's specializations? I applied for the Contemporary East/Southeast Asian Studies specialization, but not sure when/if I'll hear anything back about that.
  6. hey everyone, it's my first post on here. I've been lurking for quite a long time. I just want to say thanks to this forum, I checked my ACORN account last night and saw I was invited. Just got my official acceptance from the Munk school about an hour ago with a $5,000 scholarship. I'm completely shocked! I'm from a small town in the southern US. I never thought I would get into a school like UofT, lol. Congratulations to everyone else! I hope to meet some fellow Munk students on here later this year.
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