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  1. Hey everyone, I was curious if anyone had an idea regarding the salaries we may expect after graduating from Carleton with an MPPA degree?
  2. Ironically my plan was to visit Ottawa too this month! I'm coming from the prairies and everything I've heard about the program and the COOP really helped sway me towards the program over many others! Yes! I have accepted a while back. The deadline to take the deposit is currently being delayed indefinetly due to the coronavirus pandemic! However, they do require a transcript be sent via email from your university registrar office directly to Carleton. They just recently discussed this. There was no deadline for the transcripts yet. There is an official web seminar open house for the 12th
  3. Hmm, I was thinking about this! I honestly don't know too much informations about Data Science and what it really opens up! If you have any info on the Data Science specialization, I'd be grateful to hear it!
  4. Congrats on your admission! No, there is no penalty if you choose to respond before you submit the 400$ deposit. However, because of the corona virus it seems unlikely that they will ask for a deposit anytime soon as they delayed it! So you should be fine!
  5. Mine changed from Recommended >> Faculty review >> Decision made. From faculty review >> decision made, it took only one day!
  6. U of T is a great school, but I think if you plan on staying in Canada and not pursing a PhD outside of Canada, then Waterloo is your best bet! It has one of the best COOP programs overall in North America, and its wayyyyy less in terms of expenses. I think their is an allure towards people pursuing the private sector, but you risk stability at the same time! Going to Waterloo isn't going to diminish you in terms of the "top tier MPPA schools", but rather provide you a gateway into practical work experience if you choose to stay in Canada!
  7. I got in yesterday! I accepted the offer over GSPIA after doing some further research! Seems like an amazing program in Canada!
  8. Thanks for the info! I just got into the MPPA program at Carleton! But i also got into GSPIA at Uottawa so i wanted to compare which school offered a better route into the federal government, and employment oppurunities. I was also trying to figure out the strength of the COOP programs as well. I like the fact Carleton has a very secure COOP program where the GSPIA at Uottawa only offers it to the top tier students. I heard Carletons MPPA program is highly regarded as being one of the best in Canada? Is this true? As you mentioned it doesn't seem to be internationally known!
  9. Does anyone have any insight about Carletons MPPA program. I have heard from a few friends its quite prestigious. I was just wondering how it ranks with various other schools in Canada and the world!
  10. Hey everyone, I have been admitted into the Graduate school of public and international affairs at Uottawa, and the Masters in Public Policy and Public Administration at Carleton University. I am not exactly sure which school offers better job placement (heard carleton might be stronger with COOP), and also how reputation plays a factor. I personally am interested in International Affairs, but after hearing that Uottawa has a french requirement for one of its courses and that only the top 20% of the class gets a COOP placement, it has really made me rethink what is the best choice moving
  11. Yea thats a great point! I really feel like the prestige of U of T is what draws many people (including myself) into going there, but the price is quite high in fees LOL. My end goal personally has been to work either for NATO or work on something related with national defence policy.
  12. Anyone thinking about how they will fund their Munk tuition (if given admission) out of curiosity, and whether if that expensive of a program is worth it at the end? Thinking quite a bit about the return of investment quite a bit LOL
  13. Exactly! I accepted the offer for GSPIA, but I'm hoping Munk replies soon! although the price of the program is throwing me off a bit! Just wish they could keep up with NPSIA and GSPIA
  14. I find it weird tho how Munk starts handing their acceptances Mid March and every other program is admitting applicants earlier LOL
  15. GSPIA already handed their first round of admissions early this month. I received my offer on the 14th. Some heard a few days before me. Munk is gonna start Mid March as their website states. From previous threads, it usually starts around March 7th. Good Luck!
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