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  1. So, acknowledging the fact that I'm definitely biased as an enrolled student, I will say that when I was making my decisions between other DC schools (SAIS, GWU, American), I was advised by several people in the field, some of whom had attended some of the other schools, that GU was hands down the best choice and is often seen as the 'top dog'. That's not to say that the other programs aren't fantastic, but MSFS is very well respected and has a wonderful and far reaching network. It is expensive, but I will say, people pay attention when they see MSFS on, say, an internship application or resu
  2. It couldn't hurt to reach out to touch base at some point this week since I'm sure they know word spreads when decisions are released.
  3. Honestly, I can't really speak to that. In sorry. MSFS doesn't have a part time component, though I know some of the other programs do.
  4. Honestly, I love it. The cohort is amazing and even with these past two semesters being virtual, we've found ways to connect and bond. The faculty and staff are unparalleled. Tons of opportunities. I'm still just as excited to be a part of it as I was the day I got my decision letter.
  5. If there was a hang up with a requirement that recently, it very well could be that.
  6. Did you apply before or after the priority deadline? If after, they're likely still reviewing those apps.
  7. My official letter was like that last year, too. I think it's because the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences sends out the same form letter to every program under their umbrella. I'm guessing you guys didn't get an informal email notification of decision this year? If they run things similarly to last year, within the next week or two, you'll probably get an invitation to a virtual info session for admitted students.
  8. I did get a bit of a scholarship and mine does renew so long as I maintain a 3.0 GPA, and I imagine most funding offers have similar criteria. That being said, depending on where the funding is coming from (general scholarship fund, third party donors, etc.), there may be different considerations. I would contact Julie or Ja'net in admissions and they can probably confirm for sure. 😊
  9. Hi all, current MSFS student here. Just wanted to say congratulations to all the new admits! Looking forward to meeting all of you who decide to to come to hilltop!
  10. Good luck! Couldn't hurt to check your spam folder/application portal, but I'm sure they're working their way through. For those of us who applied by the priority/funding consideration date, it took something like 7-8 weeks to hear back, so I'd assume it'd be about the same timeline for those being considered on a rolling basis. Fingers crossed that you hear something soon and that it's good news!
  11. A few hours ago I got official notice of my acceptance. I guess it was just a formality, but it was exciting for me, so I figured I'd share. Notification was an email telling me that my application portal had been updated.
  12. Dang. I was going to try and see if I could get something as I'll have a small gap in funding, but I was only offered $15,000 & $16,000 by other programs, so if they wouldn't consider you, they almost certainly wouldn't consider me. I haven't been told anything regarding a funding wait list, just that I wasn't selected to receive funding.
  13. Thanks! For MSFS, I got an email saying that I was being recommended for admission and that an official acceptance letter would follow in the coming weeks. I would assume for that one that the portal won't be updated until official notices are sent. For SAIS I got an email saying to check the application portal as my decision was ready.
  14. Ok, update. I did get an aid offer, but it's not much considering cost of attendance. $16,000, but if I'm reading it right, it's only for the first year.
  15. I applied to American SIS, GWU Elliott School, Georgetown MSFS, and SAIS. I think I'm going to go with Georgetown, as it was my top choice. 🙂
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