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  1. Not sure how it is for the Tsinghua program but for HNC we're allowed to defer for either 1 semester or 1 year at any point during summer regardless of what the prognosis for Fall semester is.
  2. Nice! I ended up deciding to go to the HNC after all. Here's to hoping they open those borders back up and the 14 day quarantine at travelers' expense becomes unnecessary lol.
  3. Definitely a select few. I don't know how this works so the list could be pretty long (dozens? hundreds?) because a lot of people turn down admissions if they got in elsewhere too (e.g. I did)
  4. Whoaaaa that's awesome congrats
  5. Nope not in the group yet since I haven't decided if I'll attend there or Georgetown's MASIA. I'll pm you my facebook
  6. I also heard back, and also received +5k over the course of the whole program (spoiler alert: it was a lot less than I had asked for and I thought I had given pretty extensive and strong reasons lol). Was hoping for at least 10-15k more. 5k more doesn't really change the calculus of my decision that much. Can't complain of course, better than having 5k extra debt that's for sure.
  7. @HNC people did you guys see the sample readings in Chinese on this page? https://mediahost.sais-jhu.edu/saismedia/media/portal/admit/preparing-hnc/preparing-hnc-sais.htm#preparing-learning-curve Is anyone else super nervous? lol, even importing into Pleco to use the dictionary I think that'd take me like 2 hours to read the short ones omg
  8. Haven't heard from GT yet, fingers crossed... and good luck with Cornell! And my friend, hrm, don't remember what he's researching, something relating to AI ethics I think, not 100% sure.
  9. @tacos95 In the absence of a crystal ball, this calculator is pretty useful for making cost comparisons: https://themeasureofaplan.com/grad-school-calculator/
  10. No it's not only for Georgetown, not sure exactly how it works but it seems either different universities choose how to distribute the funding differently or maybe some get more than others, because SAIS also listed it among the available funding sources (for HNC) but it was for significantly less value than GT's.
  11. Good call, I'll try that if I'm not awarded the FLAS Fellowship (if I am, it'll be cheaper to go there than SAIS regardless of the financial aid reconsideration decision).
  12. I have an April 15 deadline at Georgetown's Walsh School. Waiting to hear back if I'm awarded the FLAS Fellowship there, which is apparently quite competitive. I'm planning to do the $500 deposit and confirm admission since that's my top choice, but if SAIS approves my request to more than double my scholarship... I'll likely end up reneging on Georgetown. I'm not sure how much that's frowned upon, but I'm sure they're aware it happens since they all coordinate admissions marketing and yet don't have a standardized enrollment deadline. I imagine that's what waitlists are for anyway. Don't thin
  13. I would think the reverse is true, that more specialized degrees have a better time in a recession than generalist ones that face competition from a greater variety of people
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