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  1. I am unsure, I am not sure if programs being virtual will impact people's decisions to accept the award. On previous threads, there has been mention about alternates being made finalists.
  2. I was going to say the same thing. I have not started my application for Middlebury, but they seem like they would be flexible about this. @jujubea
  3. Just finding this thread. I am applying to CLS' Arabic program this cycle.
  4. I just received word from Rice University that I was accepted into their MA- Global Affairs program. Congratulations to all those who have received acceptances thus far. Sending positivity for those who are still awaiting responses.
  5. Happy Wednesday All, I am currently in the process of applying for research grant to the UAE. I saw that there was a Slack for the 2020-2021 grant cycle but I have no clue how to access it. I am happy that this thread started so that there is a place for this year's applicants to weather this process together.
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