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  1. Best of luck to you all Are they not picking up the phone when you call?
  2. Yes, no one who was active here on GradCafe had that issue last year that I can recall. Everyone heard back approximately at the same time (I believe it was mid-April).
  3. We know that we had 4 people last year because our school director told us that's how many they have right now-- and the 2 out of 6 is just from our group chat, so nothing that intense lol I don't know the Stanford person myself, just heard from the grapevine from my professor, so I don't have that many details. Just know she thought that person was a strong candidate and was surprised they did not get the fellowship
  4. 1. Only 2 out of 6 people from my program were accepted, vs. last year when 4 were accepted 2. This thread seems to have more rejections and waitlists than past years' threads (didn't count, just eyeballing) 3. The other student from my past uni was rejected, and they're by all accounts really bright. Part of their program will be at Stanford and they have a full ride for it
  5. Anecdotally, my impression is this year's application was extremely competitive. Like, unusually so. I wonder if they're considering last year's deferred applicants as part of this year's cohort.
  6. May 2-- but some other people in my program who are alternates said they might not hear back as late as September in some cases according to what they were told
  7. Accepted for China, but they say most likely will need to be rerouted to Taiwan
  8. Probably not, deferrals were not allowed last year (at least in the beginning-- not sure if things ended up changing as covid got more serious)
  9. If last year after covid had already started they managed April 15, I'm hoping they can do it again now that most people's work-from-home flow has improved
  10. Also, 41% acceptance rate for Fellows last year, pretty good!
  11. Interesting, looks like ALL of the 2019-2020 Boren Fellows in Mandarin went to Taiwan instead of China. I'm guessing that'll be necessary for us too
  12. lol! yes haha I must've zoned in on the "20" and checked April 20, 2020. My bad :')
  13. Two points isn't a trend, but I checked and both of those days were Mondays. If they usually send out results on Mondays, we might be looking at either April 12 or April 17
  14. I already deferred a year, I was supposed to start Fall 2020, but yeah otherwise that would probably be the way forward. We'll see! No use stressing about future things yet haha
  15. Joined the sub, thanks for the link! I'm a little worried that my country of choice (China) won't pan out even if I receive the award because of the travel advisory currently in place. I heard some students were trying to do China programs virtually from Taiwan to get them to count for Boren but not sure if that was successful or not. In a perfect world, it'd be nice to stay at home in the US and save money while receiving Boren funds to do my China-based program online. Probably not allowed, though.
  16. I'm not the person you were replying to, but I also am an admitted SAIS student (for the Hopkins-Nanjing Center) who chose to defer for a year. They gave us all the option of deferring for 6 months, with the possibility of extending it another 6 months. A lot of people chose to defer and find work in the meantime. I'm not sure what their deferral policy will be like next year, but I imagine getting a job in a position relevant to your career should be a good enough reason for them to grant your deferral request, especially if covid is still affecting in-person classes in the Fall.
  17. I think a lot of people who would have been applying to Boren (i.e. cared about foreign policy) wouldn't have wanted to work for Trump. So there were probably fewer people thinking about getting onto career tracks Boren has relation to. Even though Trump had a decent level of support within government, the foreign policy field almost universally condemned him. Especially people abroad who had to deal with the consequences of his heavy-handed rhetoric.
  18. Those are some really cool stats, thanks for sharing! I wonder what the acceptance rate by language is... I applied for Mandarin, wonder if that's more competitive and maybe looking at the overall acceptance stat isn't as applicable
  19. I dug through old threads and found that two other recent acceptance rates were 24% and 34%. I think it was for 2017 and 2018 but I might be off by a year. So, not as cushy as 44% but hey, still relatively good chances. As for whether more or fewer people are applying on account of covid... if I had to place a bet I'd say probably more than normal. Law school admissions are up an estimated 30%, med school an estimated 20%, MBAs also up but not sure about the percentage-- even though those are all programs that lead to improved earning potential, which isn't necessarily true for programs B
  20. This is one of the most reassuring things I've ever read in my life lol. Just sent in my application yesterday, think it was pretty strong so hopefully I'll be good to go come April. It'd knock me down from $80k debt to attend the Hopkins-Nanjing Certificate + MA program at SAIS to $55-60k, huge difference.
  21. Not sure how it is for the Tsinghua program but for HNC we're allowed to defer for either 1 semester or 1 year at any point during summer regardless of what the prognosis for Fall semester is.
  22. Nice! I ended up deciding to go to the HNC after all. Here's to hoping they open those borders back up and the 14 day quarantine at travelers' expense becomes unnecessary lol.
  23. Definitely a select few. I don't know how this works so the list could be pretty long (dozens? hundreds?) because a lot of people turn down admissions if they got in elsewhere too (e.g. I did)
  24. Nope not in the group yet since I haven't decided if I'll attend there or Georgetown's MASIA. I'll pm you my facebook
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