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  1. Oh wow! I wonder if we met! also, my status on Carleton Central has changed to “review in progress by faculty of postgraduate etc” so here’s hoping we get letters soon!
  2. I actually was raised in Ontario, but moved to Edmonton in the middle of high school and Went to Lethbridge for uni. I’m still kicking around! What about you?
  3. Hey, another Albertan! Great to see anyone else waiting desperately for their official letter haha? I find it’s almost worse than the initial wait!
  4. What does your unofficial letter look like? I just have the email!
  5. You too!!! I can’t wait for the official one now! 😂
  6. To clarify, I have not been accepted at this time haha.
  7. Mine says “review in progress by department”. How many people have already gotten an acceptance haha?
  8. Ok, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now I’m panicking hardcore about getting an email hahaha 😂😂 Forgive me feel forgetting, but are you a current Carleton student? Let’s hope it’s good news!! I’m very ready to find out ! 😂 I can’t wait to not be nervous anymore.
  9. Just an update, my carleton central now has my “specialization” listed on it. I’m curious if it did that for any of you? Congrats! I honestly don’t know much about the French requirement, but I remember hearing that everything has to be written in French in submission for the French class.
  10. Mine also just changed! The heavy breathing is definitely happening over here too. 😂
  11. Super jealous haha. I’ve been recommended for assessment for about a month 😂
  12. Wow, the movement is great. I’m envious haha. On forums from past years I’ve seen as early as Feb 23 for first round, so I’m more than slightly terrified it will be coming up rapidly here. Can I ask how for long you were “recommended for assessment”?
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