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  1. Yeah Harvard seems to have sent out invites. Don't know if it includes intl students but historically BBS does send both at the same time. I didn't get an invite. Brb crying.
  2. OMG wow congrats! No news on this end. Unsurprising but I'm still heartbroken. I was really, really, really excited about this one.
  3. I saw it too and my heart dropped. I think it might be worthwhile to wait a bit though, since its just one poster. Plenty of trolls around these parts.
  4. Any idea when offices will close for the holidays?
  5. Same here, my lack of any hobbies that can distract me has really caught up to me to kick my ass.
  6. Hi all, I am from South Asia with some research experience in the UK. I applied to Harvard BBS, UPenn BMB and Vanderbilt Biological Sciences. All are lofty reaches but if you never try you never know I guess. Hoping this week has good news in store for all of us so we can relax over Christmas!
  7. I don't think anyone has heard from BBS. The post on the results page seem to be for some other program. From the dates on the page from the last few years it seems like Harvard sends domestic and international invitations around the same time.
  8. Yeah I think you might be right. I also wondered about the immunology part but then one poster just straight up said BBS, which is why I figured I would ask on the forum because if invites had gone out surely someone here would have heard from them. Looks like no one has so maybe it was a different program after all. Unclench.
  9. You can try this link - https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/ Alternatively, if you scroll to the top of this page on desktop, you'll see a results tab under the logo!
  10. I don't but I saw a couple posts on the results page...
  11. Has anyone here heard from Harvard BBS today?
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