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  1. Thank you! Good luck on your interview! I applied to the general program. According to what they told me in the email, they are sending invites until the end of January. "Please understand that "no news does not mean bad news", as our Admissions process will not conclude until later this month. So, please keep this in mind when sharing your good news with others."- excerpt from my email. I am from Thailand. Thank you!
  2. Just received an interview invitation from Stanford Immunology. Super EXCITED!!!
  3. Hey, I applied to Yale BBS Immunology track. I just finished the interview with Yale committee yesterday. I don't know if they are done sending all invites. Keep your faith and if you need any advices on interview, please feel free to ask.
  4. Any international students heard back from MIT Biology?
  5. They told me that they are reviewing the applicants on rolling basis and will complete the process before Feb, 1.
  6. I just emailed the program. they told me they are still reviewing, and will extend all invites before the end of January.
  7. I applied for immunology track and submitted my application on Dec 1st.
  8. I just received an email to check the decision letter on website and it is a rejection
  9. I already emailed them last Thursday and they did not response
  10. Has any international student heard back from Upenn IGG? It’s been a while since they started sending invites...
  11. I also applied to IGG and did not hear back from them.
  12. I also applied to WCM IMP and did not receive an invitation. I emailed them yesterday and they said that they are still reviewing applications.
  13. Haven't heard back yet but I assumed they may send out the invitations by next Monday.
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