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  1. Hey. I only got two interviews this year, and got rejected from another already. I am only waiting for this now. Chill out man. If they have their decisions, they'll let us know.
  2. For US undergrads only😭 Feeling sad as an international applicant
  3. Hi Has any international applicant heard back (even rejections are nice) from these programs: UPenn Bioengineering, Yale Immunobiology, Columbia CMBS and Harvard BBS? Thank you.
  4. Hi, I understand that this might be too realistic, but I think this somehow reflects part of the truth. After GRExit, it is extremely difficult for international students to get admission to US BioMed PhD programs, especially during this pandemic. Lots of domestic students are now doing research assistants at top schools (Ivy, UC), getting co-authorships in top tier journals, and getting strong letters from professors from these schools. Maybe you would say, 'hey! Domestic students and international students belong to different pools, sooooo I guess that would not affect m
  5. So weird. Why don't these schools send out rejections to international students like us as they used to do in early Jan before? We have to keep telling ourselves "no news means good news," though we totally understand that there are high chances of getting rejections. That is such a torture.
  6. Hi. I am applying to 5 schools: Harvard BBS, Stanford Immunology, Yale Immunobiology, Columbia CMBS, Penn Bioengineering, and haven't heard from these schools. Background: Foreign MD, GPA 4.0, two first-authored publications, several research awards and grants from my home country and the UK, Strong LOR from my home country and the UK. Have any international applicants heard from these programs except Staysane? Things are so weird this year....
  7. Hi Staysane. I am also applying to Stanford Immunology-CSI track. May I ask whether you are applying to the general program or any specific track? Do they send out interview invitations in one batch? Thank you.
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