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  1. I’ll echo others and say the same. If you have a US degree then you can do OPT. I tried applying in 2017, but realized that I need a break from school. I’ve been working in a lab for two years now. I was able to get a publication from it, and I got interested in something totally different from what I thought I wanted to do. It also exposed me to a lot of other career options beyond academia , and gave me a realistic view of what to expect in the next few years. I would highly recommend! Plus it’s good to save some money in this time.
  2. I’m not sure about all UC schools, but I did hear that about UCSF so didn’t end up applying there. I would say Stowers is very international friendly, and so are most schools in NYC!
  3. I haven’t heard anything either. But I think it’s a rejection because one of their interview dates already passed, and the next is Feb 4-5th. If they had to invite they would have. Seems like all of their invites went out in dec.
  4. Thanks for this! Very reassuring since I was just planning to wear a sweater and I keep hearing people talk about blazers and I really wasn’t in the mood of spending more money than I already have haha
  5. I hope so! Looking back on GC for Stanford Dev Bio (which is what I applied for), the department at least seem to send notifications in Dec. I’ve already seen one Dev Bio invite which went on 11th Dec, so I’m not putting too much hope in Stanford for me lol
  6. I also got a rejection and I ended up replying to it asking for feedback. Apparently they got too many requests to give individual feedback, and basically sent a generic email saying the same things about applying that are on their website. I’m curious to see if anyone else heard something different.
  7. I applied to UCSD Biological Sciences too and haven’t heard back
  8. I heard back from Utah Mol Bio in December for an interview, it’s in late Feb. Congrats on the interview at Maryland!
  9. Thanks so much for sharing this find! I thought it was very insightful with actionable steps. Eased my anxiety quite a bit!
  10. Nice! Mine is on Feb 26th! I think they’re different tracks that’s probs why interview dates are also different.
  11. Hi all! I've been lurking pretty heavily here (and other threads) since lord knows when, so I thought it's time to contribute:) I am an international student from India and did my BS in the US, and have been working as a research technician for about 2 years now. I applied to the following programs: - Vanderbilt IGP - UVa BIMS - Duke UPGG - University of Utah, Biosciences (Mol Bio) - Princeton Mol Bio - Stanford Dev Bio - Cornell (Ithaca) GGD - UCSD Biological Sciences - UC Davis BMCDB - CU Boulder MCDB - Stowers Graduate School Other than Stanford and Stowers,
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