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  1. I did my undergrad in the US, and as far as I know, the vast majority of masters programs in the biomedical sciences in the US do not offer financial aid to international students. They also tend to be very expensive. PhD programs are the ones that usually offer full funding.
  2. Me too, but my rejection was not post-interview. I did not even get an invite. Good luck on your other applications!
  3. Hello, international students who most likely won't get accepted anywhere this year (like me) what are your plans for next year? when are you planning to reapply?
  4. For anyone waiting on Columbia University CMBS, all their invites have been sent out (source: program administrator).
  5. Hello, congrats on the interview at Columbia. I applied to that program too, do you know if they are done sending invites?
  6. Thanks. I applied for IGP as well. Sorry I didn't understand, was it Dr. Bowman who said there would be no more invites?
  7. Hi, did you contact the admission office and they confirmed this to you?
  8. Hello everyone, any international applicants with US degree who heard back from Yale MMPP, Columbia CMBS, or UPenn CAMB-cancer biology- ?
  9. Hi everyone, I'm an international student too. I applied to 10 programs (mostly cell and molec). I have not heard from any programs for an interview, but all of them have already begin sending invitations. I received my first rejection yesterday. I honestly start losing hope on this cycle. My stats are very good, BS w/ honors from a top west coast school, RA in an ivy league, and I have 3.5 yrs of research, so I applied to top programs. I did not anticipate this happening. If anyone have some plan B ideas that they could share. I'm already on a gap year so another gap year is not an option for
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