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  1. I applied to 16 programs. Yeah im trying my best to be optimistic about the situation 🙂
  2. Yup they sent out a (seemingly personalized) email to me. With my name on the email and I’m the only receiver
  3. International w/o Us degree, just got rejected by Northwestern, and that’s five rejections in a row. Good luck with the interview guys.
  4. I also applied to Northwestern — how did you know you got waitlisted? I haven’t heard anything back from them😥
  5. I mean what the Dean said might be true, the question is how they "rank" things. It could simply be that US degrees are ranked higher than degrees outside of the US, or LoR from a US professor is ranked higher than a LoR from other countries. It's a bummer for ppl who studied outside of the US, but totally understandable.
  6. Yeah...my biggest fear now is that they received too much applications that they decided to only look at internationals who has a US degree in the first round. I'm currently working at a top5 school in the US as a lab RA but guess that doesn't help much.
  7. International here having the same question for many other programs (e.g. Harvard, Yale, NYU...etc). Hearing ppl saying these programs have sent out invitations but barely see a international without US degree (‘I’) report on grad cafe. Welp could also be that these schools aren’t giving many chances to ppl w/o US degrees.
  8. Anyone heard back from Yale BBS? In the other thread ppl said they sent out mass invitations this morning. Tho I’m not sure if that includes international students...
  9. Haven’t heard back from UCSD too. Though I’m not expecting much from the UC schools as a non-citizen...
  10. Just curious anyone knows anything about Caltech Neurobiology? I know it’s a really small program but I’ve only see two reports so far so I’m wondering if they are making decisions on a rolling basis.
  11. Just a quick update here in case someone’s curious: International w/o US degree rejected by Duke & UCSF neuroscience. Hoping to hear some good news soon...
  12. Got a rejection from UCSF this morning too, kind of expected but still a bummer
  13. ahhh this is so much pain, applied to 16 programs (international w/o US degree) and so far heard back from no one. How should I survive this holiday (what's worse I'm stuck in the US away from my family and friends :()
  14. Don't you worry! I believe having a US degree and MS from UCL makes a big difference, not to mention 2.5 yrs tech experience at NYU:) NYU is actually on my list, would love to do research and experience life at the NYC (I'm currently at the bay area).
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