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  1. Just got my rejection today. I think youre on waitlist, still wishing you the best. Good luck to all my international applicants, youll need it!!!!!
  2. Just got the expected official rejection from Columbia, I didnt even make it to the wait list lol
  3. Checking last year results, 5 people posted their invitations, 3 american and 2 unspecified all on december 13rd. 9 people posted their rejections, 4 international, 3 american and 2 unspecified all on january 6th. Now you tell me what are the odds
  4. The Dean of Admissions at Mount Sinai told us in a webinar in the application season that all applications are pooled together and "ranked" based on everything (LOR, CV, publications, academic record, research experience, etc) and they set a cut off value based on how many interview invitations they want/can send and they didnt discriminate by country, sex, gender, background or anything. But, seeing the results page 90% of accepted students are american in most universities and institutes, so they accept more US applicants than international applicants so I dont think thats necessarily true.
  5. Well that's the problem, I already have my bachelor in biology (3.57) and a MS in biochemical sciences (3.93) and have +5 years in research with two publications in preparation both in high impact journals and as first author, my "deficiency" is I'm an international applicant. I guess I'll just start the phd in my own country or just quit science and work as a teacher full time. Thanks and good luck in your phd
  6. Congrats! Seems thats over for me, not a single invitation. Seeing your profile you got a lot of interviews, could you share with us your background?
  7. I wanna think this is good news for intl applicants, because they are exhaustively reading the applications and not only looking for Ivy graduates or something like that
  8. do we know if you are waitlisted automatically if not given an interview nor rejected, even they dont explicitly send you an email saying so?
  9. Iam 100% sure UPenn is over, NYU and Columbia I would say 80% sure is over
  10. Another person just uploaded their interview invitation. I think even if it was not mass mail, they are sending all invitations today, good luck to everyone
  11. OMG this is terrible, Im still waiting but apparently theyve already sent invitations 😧
  12. Am I mad or this year everything is taking too long?
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