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  1. I am curious what CMU NGP programs you are referring to? And which program you applied to? I have seen many posts about Systems Neuroscience, but I applied to CMU Neural Computation program, and haven't heard or seen anything... I submitted my application about two weeks before the deadline so unsure.
  2. Has anyone heard from Carnegie Mellon's program in Neural Computation? There are no interview invites posted on the Results page, and only one unofficial Rejection... Last year they came out around the same time as CMU's Systems Neuroscience program. Curious if anyone knows anything about this?
  3. Hey all! Has anyone heard from Carnegie Mellon who applied to the Neural Computation program? It doesn't appear so on the results page and throughout this thread, but just thought I would ask? Also, for Columbia Neurobiology and Behavior, does anyone know of an update of whether or not they are done sending out invites? Thanks!
  4. Well, fingers crossed we both hear some better news from a different program in the coming days!!
  5. Just received an email rejection for UCSF! I kind of expected it, but still. Holding out some hope for NYU to still send out interviews??
  6. Hey all, I am seeing people starting to post UCSF rejections that came out today! I have yet to get an interview invitation or a rejection (either on the site or by email)... If any of you got the rejection, will you let me know if it was generic or if it seemed like they will be sending them out individually? Thanks
  7. Just got an interview to Harvard's SHBT program! Not sure if anyone here applied to that, but thought I would share the news: Interview dates Jan 21st-23rd!!
  8. Congrats!! Gives me some hope ... maybe. Great job though, that is a great school and a big accomplishment to get an interview there.
  9. @capa_detated@dopamine_machineI am also anxiously hoping that there is some possibility of UCSF left. The past few years the interviews have all come out on the same day, but they also would send rejections that same day... And, I haven't heard any applicants stating they have received a rejection yet for the Neuroscience program. Other UCSF programs have given out rejections and interviews! If anyone has asked admissions about this, please keep me updated! Fingers crossed for all of us that there are more interviews coming up.
  10. I actually would love to ask you a question too (I am a domestic CA applicant). Did the interview email seem generic, like they probably were sent out all at once this morning? This is my top-choice school but I still haven't heard anything so losing a bit of hope for UCSF now... Congratulations though, that is a huge achievement!
  11. Hey everyone! I just saw on the results page that two people got interview invites via email to UC Davis! Does anyone know if they send interviews out in multiple batches, all at once, and/or rejections? Just curious as I am now anxiously checking my email!
  12. I haven't heard anything yet. It looks like last year all interview requests were sent to applicants via email on December 22nd (a Sunday). Seems like they waited and sent out all their rejections mid-January. Fingers crossed, this waiting game is driving me crazy!
  13. Wishing you, and all of us luck! Hate the waiting game, especially being stuck inside because of COVID. But, hopefully some of us hear back around Christmas time for interviews 🤩
  14. Neurodegeneration and Neuromodulation! Applying to: UCSF, UC Davis, NYU, Columbia, Duke, Carnegie Mellon PCN, Harvard SHBT, and BU!
  15. I am applying to UCSF and UC Davis, so I can only comment about those two. During a few sessions and talking to a PI of interest, it seems they will accepting the same number of students as usual. My PI I have been talking with at UC Davis is not on the application review committee, but made it seem as if space will be the same. Just no "in-person" interview weekends (obviously due to the COVID-19)...
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