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  1. Got the rejection just now. Good luck to anyone who hasn't heard!
  2. Congrats on the honorable mention! Sorry that it didn't go further, though. thanks and good luck to you as well!
  3. Are you stuck in december limbo as well?
  4. Hi everyone, I applied last cycle and just wanted to say that I hope this cycle brings you what you wished for, but if not, please please don't let it crush your dreams! It is heartbreaking to not be accepted anywhere after getting hopes up and putting in all of the effort, but take some time to evaluate your options and whether you still want to go to grad school, and if so, apply again next year! Many people apply multiple times. It took me a couple of tries as well -- if you want to discuss options/generally vent, feel free to PM me. Lastly, this year there is the added struggle (I think)
  5. Great! If you have any other qs feel free to DM me. I can give you my email address, it'll be easier to talk there. Maybe depending on your interests, I can suggest some faculty.
  6. You could definitely be jointly advised! Math programs are also very independent, and I find that most of the advisors are pretty flexible at NYU math, though it depends on your professor at the end of the day. You are correct that research in Neuro departments is more dependent on the lab matchup, but I think that also holds more for experimental students. I think computational students are offered a bit more flexibility, just because in general, they tend to have multiple "advisors", whether they are based in Math or Neuro, because it is interdisciplinary and you need experimental/mathema
  7. Ah okay! From my knowledge, it seems that math programs will care much more about test scores/gpa/solid math background, and less about the specifics of your research background. I can't speak to too many programs, but UC Davis, UNC Chapel Hill, and UW seem like they have classic programs that people with interest in mathematical biology apply to. Specifically, I think that NYU would be a great fit for your interests in computational neuro, and I can try to answer some questions about the environment/requirements there if you have any questions! The math department has tons of faculty with
  8. ^^ The reason I say this is because the admission requirements (or desires) will depend heavily on which home department you decide to base yourself in. I can give some advice on neuro and math programs, but the requirements, I think, will be quite different between the two. Do you know which department you'd apply to?
  9. Hi! are you applying to specific computational neuroscience programs? I didn't think that MIT and UW had specific Ph.D. programs in computational neuroscience. Usually, students base themselves in a home department, and conduct interdisciplinary research or join a specific training grant within the overall program.
  10. Found it... mine says 11/6 as well. time to worry... haha!
  11. where do you find this information?
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