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  1. Hey! Yes, I'll be starting the Astronomy PhD program this fall 🙂
  2. Really sorry to hear about your loss. Things are very unpredictable right now, so I don't think anyone can say yet what will happen to fall semester. I think the good news is that if things don't get better by then, universities will extend their closures through fall semester or however long it takes. Of course this isn't "good", but it would be necessary and would still allow students to do classes, research, and so on remotely, hopefully in a more comfortable and safe environment. I'm guessing your program will be in New York, as you say it's the hardest hit area in the US right now. But on
  3. I’m worried about the same thing. I accepted an offer for a PhD program in Ohio, but I currently live in California and my lease ends in June. I’ve done some virtual tours and would ideally want to sign a lease to begin in June so I can move directly there... but I realize that fall semester may end up being remote too. If it is, it seems like a waste to pay for rent and I could just live with my parents in Oregon during that time. So right now I’m just waiting to see what happens. Anyone else have the same feelings about fall?
  4. I’ve been accepted to various Astronomy PhD programs and will be going to some of these prospective grad student open houses for the department. These will consist of a full day or two on campus - touring the campus and department, meeting with many faculty, eating meals with grad students and faculty, attending research meetings, etc. What should one bring to these visit days? Do people typically carry around a backpack or larger bag during the day with their laptop, notepad, etc? Or just something small instead? The main thing is I’m unsure if I should bring my laptop or not (I
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