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  1. How safe is the area around Georgetown and also the area around Catholic University of America? I know Washington is listed as high in violent crime but didn’t know if all areas are bad.
  2. For those who get shut out, a funded ( or unfunded if you can afford it) MA is a possibility. The acceptance rates for PhD programs are generally better for MA students than undergrads, and it’s often the case that getting shut out of PhDs happens to undergrads from smaller or more unknown colleges, but they gain acceptance to a funded MA. It’s not ideal obviously, but it can be a way to see how much grad school is a fit for you and how well you might do in a PhD program. 4.0 students, national merit scholars etc all can get shut out of PhD programs. Top law schools base there admissions mainl
  3. My thought is: Every year of your PhD ask yourself “do I want to keep doing this rather than something else even if I won’t end up in academia?” and decide if you want to keep at it, keeping in mind that even in grad school there are ups and downs.
  4. Undergrad GPA, even for those going directly into Phd from undergrad, does not seem to matter beyond a certain threshold, and I don’t mean 3.8 or 3.9. Quite a few with a 3.8 and even 4.0 get shut out completely from Phd programs. Undergrad pedigree (meaning also who your letter writers are), and writing sample are far more important, if a perusal of the past results board and comments from previous applicants are any indication.
  5. Hi HomoLudens, thank you. What spreadsheet are you referring to?
  6. Does anyone know if there is a full list anywhere of programs that require interviews (since more do not, hoping someone has gathered that info somewhere).
  7. Thanks Potato Cactus and HomoLudens, your advice makes sense. Much appreciated!
  8. For anyone who got into an MA but not a Phd program and then subsequently got into a Phd program after the MA, did you use the same sample paper you used for the MA acceptance or a totally new one? If you used the same paper, how much did you change it and what steps did you take to improve it? Hoping to hear from someone with this actual experience.
  9. There are no Phd safety schools: that is an undergrad thing. Closest thing to a grad safety school would be an unfunded MA.
  10. Try dividing it into sections so you can focus more easily in smaller bites.
  11. There really isn’t a great up to date list. As Olorin (sorry don’t know how to do the accent mark!) noted, the SPEP guide is a good one, but they list some programs that used to be more continental but no longer really are. What philosophers are you most interested in or what topics? That should be your guide.
  12. I would encourage the OP to look at the placement pages of the Masters programs. If the interest is definitely Continental some of the programs mentioned would not be a great fit, especially noting an interest in Deleuze, Derrida etc. Look at the placements but also the the grad student areas of focus. UW Milwaukee for instance is an analytical program as is Brandeis. Miami of Ohio is a good continental feeder program. There are fewer continental-focused funded MAs so it takes some research. I would also suggest looking at Continental Phd programs and seeing where their students in the Phd pro
  13. Also Carnegie Mellon, and guessing MIT although I havent checked that out.
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