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  1. For those applying to programs with early January deadlines, are you waiting until you get this semesters grades come in (like around the 17th or so in this case) to apply so the transcripts of this semester show up to add to your gpa (gpa will go up with this semesters grades added in)?
  2. That’s smart-no such time cushion here! Best of luck to you.
  3. Yes I was thinking about that- lots of articles out there about the separate humanities departments eventually merging and the "reconfiguring" of the Humanities, but its a crapshoot either way I suppose as to what academia will be like in 10 or even 5 years.
  4. Looking at the site this sounds similar to a complit program. It looks like you need a masters to apply though. Anyone have any thoughts or good info on this program?
  5. One suggestion I would have would be to apply to a few PhD programs that do not require the GRE. If you Google GRE not required PhD, there is a site that has a spreadsheet with English grad programs you can use to choose a few to apply to. Also use the grad cafe results page and look for the results for English programs that have scores noted with a diamond icon so you can see how your scores compare. Good luck to you.
  6. Great thank you. Did you wait until you had final 1st semester senior grades in to send transcript?
  7. I see many of the grad programs ask you to upload a copy of your official transcripts to the application site. If your college uses a system like Parchment, how does that work? Is anyone familiar with that system?
  8. Hector549-thanks for your detailed reply.That was very helpful! Olorin-no problem and I get it. As Hector 549 noted it sounds like they don’t have a great placement rate so I understand why you would call them a backup.
  9. Anyone familiar with their Phd program? I am guessing it is not that well known but wondering if it is a decent program.
  10. maxhgns, you stated that "Fordham doesn't fully fund its students". Can you elaborate on how you came up with that? Are you referring to their Phd program? If so, they fund at around a 22 or 23k stipend according to the phdstipends site. While not a huge stipend for NYC, it's in keeping with the cost of living ratio for stipends for most programs in big cities, other than the usual larger Ivy league stipends. Can you clarify what you meant?
  11. Okay great that makes sense. A sample paper applies in philosophy by the way. Thanks for your help!
  12. Well the sample paper is not done yet so wanted to try a test run ahead of time. Just concerned about total amount of time it will take.
  13. If it possible to start a "dummy" application for a school and then back out of it (not submit) in order to see how the application process looks and about how long it would take? Sort of a trial run. As long as it doesn't create problems for the school it would be helpful to get a feel for the process before all your application materials (sample paper etc) are done. Applying to close to 20 schools so want to make sure the process runs smoothly. I understand each program has their own application but hoping most are pretty similar. Has anyone tried this?
  14. Sorry, I meant once you already have everything prepared including your SOP, in other words the actual application process. It's for philosophy by the way. Thanks!
  15. Hello, just checking with those who have applied before- once you have all the materials prepared, about how long does each application take to finish? (In this case, it would be for about 20 schools)
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