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  1. Unfortunately some schools do not have grad housing. Looking at getting a place nearby and then using the stipend to pay for apartment whether or not classes are online in Fall. Wouldnt break lease to go home because they are almost always year long leases and if school closes for Fall may reopen in Spring so need to have a place available if that happens.
  2. Yes tough decisions to make here. With no car, getting an apartment close to grad school is important, so this is the right time to line up a place, but don’t want the hassle and cost of breaking a lease if classes go online in the Fall.
  3. Are any accepted students concerned about looking for housing right now with everything going on? Are you delaying the search for now or just doing online searches and phoning rather than visiting potential housing sites?
  4. Does anyone know of a list of phd programs that accept at least a year of masters credit to shorten the phd degree timeline for those with masters, or where to find that info without looking at individual program websites?
  5. Anyone think coronavirus is slowing down the application results process or is it on pace with last year? Seems slower this year.
  6. For those who didnt get into a Phd program right from a ba, then got a masters and got accepted the 2nd time around, I have a few questions. Question 1: Did you change your sample paper or just improve on your ba sample? Question 2: Did you change your area of interest while in the masters program and Question 3: Did you apply to the same programs who turned you down the first go round and then got in the 2nd round, or did you choose new programs on the 2nd attempt?
  7. Wrong forum norandom- this is the Philosophy forum.
  8. 711fanatic, My understanding is that programs sometimes are given more assistantships some years than others depending on the funding they are given from year to year ( I spoke with a professor about this at a program over the phone (not Georgetown) ). Then they might have to go back to fight for the extra ones they want so can't promise them until they either get a final okay or are shut down on the extra funding.
  9. Hey heaven- New School has in the past not had a great reputation but I dont know if that has changed recently. As for Stonybrook and New Mexico, other than the cost, look at their MA placement into Phd programs by calling the schools and asking for recent placement details.
  10. Sending out an email today- thanks!
  11. jslubinski- I am not aware of any doctoral programs that charge tuition since most have tuition included and also a stipend. Is that not the case with your acceptance?
  12. Thanks- wondering more from an etiquette, relationship building standpoint- whether to thank them for their offer , tell them I am waiting for additional information etc
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