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  1. My suggestion would be to post this question in the Professional Programs section under Government Affairs for an informed response. Best of luck!
  2. Since the board is slow right now thought I’d throw an interesting question out there. Since academic positions for Phds are becoming increasingly scarce it might make sense to focus on areas of interest where the few available jobs may be such as, for instance, hot areas like medical ethics, to increase your odds of being one of the lucky ones. Possible objections to this strategy might be: 1. A lot can change in terms of hot areas for academic positions in the 6 plus years it takes to finish your Phd. 2. Not focusing in an area in which you have a genuine interest makes it difficult to be engaged enough to finish the program. 3. Positions are limited so the odds are that you won’t find an academic position anyway, so at least study what you enjoy, even if its one that is out of favor currently (such as American Pragmatism for instance). Thoughts?
  3. Well I don’t know enough about applying from a German uni to speak on that aspect, but I can say that funded masters are not “easy” to get into. Unfunded masters are definitely easier and some say they are cash cows, meaning they are there for bringing in revenue for the program and the university, but I would not say they are automatic acceptances by any means. Some terminal masters programs in philosophy are ranked more highly like Tufts (Tufts has partial funding) and Georgia State etc. You mention some Ivy League and top British programs that are geared towards Phds. I am not as familiar with how difficult they are to get into unfunded, certainly easier to get into than their Phd programs, but the rap on those is often that not as much attention is paid to their masters students as their Phs students. It depends on what your goals are as to which programs are best to apply to, however I will say if your goal is primarily just to get into a Masters program, I would say to cast your net wider than just the top schools. NYU is considered on some lists as the top philosophy Phd program in the US. And of course, the programs you mentioned are not all philosophy programs so I couldnt comment on the others. Sorry if this is a bit jumbled, writing this on the run. Best of luck!
  4. Hi Gingergal, Being on the humanities side of things I can’t speak directly to your question, but I would suggest you post this question in the subforum dedicated to your particular scientific field where you should get responses tailored to your field. You should probably also mention your particular interests and actual GPA to get the best answers to your questions. Good luck!
  5. Sent in the letter accepting admissions offer on April 9 but still haven't received an official acceptance and welcome letter yet. Called a few times but wasn't able to reach anyone. Has everyone who accepted offers already heard back from their schools do you think? Getting concerned with the current Covid situation and want to make sure I get that admissions letter.
  6. That makes sense-thanks.
  7. Still waiting as well. Not sure what’s going on with them.
  8. Good to hear-was concerned they might think TAs were more dispensable if everything is online. Thanks!
  9. Has anyone who has accepted an offer found out yet what they will be doing in the Fall as a TA if it goes virtual? Probably early to ask that question but wanted to throw it out there in case anyone has any info.
  10. Glad to see a few schools (Professors) are commenting on Daily Nous thread that their schools are not changing their grad funding this year due to coronavirus. Hope that will be the rule rather than the exception.
  11. Yes, very concerning, especially for those whose offer states "based on availability of funds" for assistantships.
  12. Unfortunately some schools do not have grad housing. Looking at getting a place nearby and then using the stipend to pay for apartment whether or not classes are online in Fall. Wouldnt break lease to go home because they are almost always year long leases and if school closes for Fall may reopen in Spring so need to have a place available if that happens.
  13. Yes tough decisions to make here. With no car, getting an apartment close to grad school is important, so this is the right time to line up a place, but don’t want the hassle and cost of breaking a lease if classes go online in the Fall.
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