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  1. Well the sample paper is not done yet so wanted to try a test run ahead of time. Just concerned about total amount of time it will take.
  2. If it possible to start a "dummy" application for a school and then back out of it (not submit) in order to see how the application process looks and about how long it would take? Sort of a trial run. As long as it doesn't create problems for the school it would be helpful to get a feel for the process before all your application materials (sample paper etc) are done. Applying to close to 20 schools so want to make sure the process runs smoothly. I understand each program has their own application but hoping most are pretty similar. Has anyone tried this?
  3. Sorry, I meant once you already have everything prepared including your SOP, in other words the actual application process. It's for philosophy by the way. Thanks!
  4. Hello, just checking with those who have applied before- once you have all the materials prepared, about how long does each application take to finish? (In this case, it would be for about 20 schools)
  5. UndergradDad

    New York, NY

    Perfect- thank you!
  6. UndergradDad

    New York, NY

    Question on grad housing. How safe is the area around Fordham for grad housing? Looking at their program but concerned about safety. Any thoughts would be of help.
  7. Also look at John's Hopkins Comparative Thought and Literature. I believe Pittsburgh is no longer taking students but I could be wrong so check that out. Oh and also I think SUNY Binghamton has something along these lines as well.
  8. Thanks! Glad that's not a barrier.
  9. Hello, Looking at the Phd application information on websites, some are requiring a Symbolic Logic course during undergrad work (although they state that deficiencies can be made up for while at grad school). If you are planning on taking that course in 2nd semester of senior year, should that be noted somewhere in your application so the committee will not see the lack of the course as a minus? The course was not offered this Fall but should be offered in the Spring.
  10. Thanks everyone for the helpful advice. @hector549 : I did read Pynn's essay which was helpful-thanks @TheFormOfTheGood : I appreciate you sharing that since I have seen very few samples of an SOP. @SmugSnugInARug : Great and very specific advice here-will take up your suggestions.
  11. Makes sense-I appreciate the explanation Duns. Unfortunately does not apply in this case with interests in Nietzsche and Kierkegaard, but thanks anyway.
  12. Thanks, can you clarify though what you mean by the sense of cohesion between the AOI and personal background? By personal background are you referring to prior courses taken?
  13. What are the ideal number of areas of interest to include on the SOP? Too many and you may look insincere. Too few and you may miss an interest of a professor who may have taken you on. Thoughts?
  14. Thanks that's helpful to know. Best of luck in your grad school quest!
  15. To what degree do senior year grades count towards grad school acceptance since the 2nd semester grades wouldn't be seen by adcomms until after acceptance and most applications will be sent before even the 1st semester grades are tabulated for your gpa?
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