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  1. Also Carnegie Mellon, and guessing MIT although I havent checked that out.
  2. Personally I would only do that if I were wealthy and not worried about finances or employment at all. Both are difficult areas currently to find employment and unless you get a great scholarship law school is very expensive. But you may be in a situation where that is not a concern.
  3. In terms of acceptance rates, unfunded Masters definitely have higher acceptance rates. For Phd programs, you are usually looking at a 5-10 percent acceptance rate in general, versus some unfunded Masters have 30 percent or higher acceptance rates. Funded Masters are fewer in number so harder to get a good read on those acceptance rates Hope that helps.
  4. I agree-don’t give them an easy reason to move on to the rest of the reading pile. Best to stick with the rules they laid down.
  5. Does anyone know if this Phd program is still up and running? Website and Facebook page search was inconclusive.
  6. Also University of Arizona looks like it’s having issues this year with funding.
  7. Yes same email received today and American citizen not International. Looked up senders name and is legitimately a Syracuse representative. Seems to be a mistake likely due to all the confusion with Covid.
  8. One other one I am aware of is UT Austin.
  9. Thought I’d start a thread here regarding Phd programs to avoid due to either low funding or recent issues or concerns about future funding due to Covid. I’ll start with one I have heard has poor funding-the New School (on the Continental end of the spectrum). Offer up any others and any comments that might apply to help prospective applicants narrow their searches.
  10. My suggestion would be to post this question in the Professional Programs section under Government Affairs for an informed response. Best of luck!
  11. Since the board is slow right now thought I’d throw an interesting question out there. Since academic positions for Phds are becoming increasingly scarce it might make sense to focus on areas of interest where the few available jobs may be such as, for instance, hot areas like medical ethics, to increase your odds of being one of the lucky ones. Possible objections to this strategy might be: 1. A lot can change in terms of hot areas for academic positions in the 6 plus years it takes to finish your Phd. 2. Not focusing in an area in which you have a genuine interest makes
  12. Well I don’t know enough about applying from a German uni to speak on that aspect, but I can say that funded masters are not “easy” to get into. Unfunded masters are definitely easier and some say they are cash cows, meaning they are there for bringing in revenue for the program and the university, but I would not say they are automatic acceptances by any means. Some terminal masters programs in philosophy are ranked more highly like Tufts (Tufts has partial funding) and Georgia State etc. You mention some Ivy League and top British programs that are geared towards Phds. I am not as
  13. Hi Gingergal, Being on the humanities side of things I can’t speak directly to your question, but I would suggest you post this question in the subforum dedicated to your particular scientific field where you should get responses tailored to your field. You should probably also mention your particular interests and actual GPA to get the best answers to your questions. Good luck!
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