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  1. Thank you, that’s helpful to know!
  2. Thank you, yes thats the same report I mentioned above. The one you linked to is the current one (the blog for the ADPA), there is a new one coming out next month. Was hoping I might hear directly from someone who went there who had more details on their experience.
  3. I just saw on Daily Nous that the new APDA report will be out next month on program ratings. Stonybrook was mentioned in the post as having very low student ratings. Does anyone know why?
  4. Take a look at Kent State. Full funding and good placement for SPEP.
  5. It sounds like you believe you may not be able to finish the year off and graduate with your English major. If you thought you could finish, I would suggest you do that and then if finances permit, to see if there is a state school nearby with reasonable graduate tuition that you could take a course a semester and see how you do with that. If you did well in those courses you could then get recommendations to get into a masters program as a route into applying for a Phd program after the masters. I am not familiar with how difficult it would be to transfer in senior year to another univer
  6. Hi Izzie, It would help if you could give more information: -did you mean start over at a community college OR transfer to another university, not AND? -what year are you, a sophomore, junior, senior? - what specifically do you mean about not getting support? Do you not have a good relationship with your professors? Are your grades low? Are you worried about not getting good letters of recommendation? If you could fill in the picture more, it will be easier to offer assistance or advice.
  7. Looking at the phd program placement analyses of Charles Lassiter and also of carolyn Dicey Jennings, which do you think is more accurate/helpful? I can find the link to Lassiter if needed just don’t have it right at hand and not good at adding links to posts. I think Dicey Jennings is at placementdata.com
  8. The above posters are indeed correct about the academic job situation. And it will in fact get worse due to the under-reported demographic trends now occurring of declining birthrates in this and other countries plus serious economic issues. Best to say to yourself as suggested previously that you are looking to get into a Phd program because you want to be there and want to be in that environment for 5-8 years rather than because you expect a certain outcome following those grad years.
  9. What are your degrees in? That would be a good starting point.
  10. Also for Norse you might want to look at Scandinavian studies as a possibility. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!
  11. Well it may not be much help but for Irish literature Notre Dame is good. Not sure if they have Irish medievalists though.
  12. Hello msorkhi, you are better off posting directly in the Philosophy section of the forum for best responses.
  13. Wow thank you for all the information-greatly appreciated!
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