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  1. im sorry if this sounds over dramatic - i think what happened to my family friend and the news of my family just threw me over the edge and im in panic mode right now
  2. Hi, I recently decided between two schools - however I'm regretting it for a host of equally important reasons. One of the ones weighing on me heavily right now is that the area where my PhD program is is the worst hit area of the United States. Furthermore, a recent family friend died from Covid, and I just got news that a close family member has it. Perhaps I'm just under a lot of stress right now, but how bad would it look if i backed out of the program to switch under this pretense? The severity of the situation in my home area is just so bad and I can't imagine it getting better by F
  3. and not teach your own stand alone course? (this is for a PhD program btw)
  4. Or the reverse. Was it worth it? Asking for a friend in a similar situation
  5. Isin’t this more the exception than rule though? I’ve been told by some mentors that many SC’s (including, and sometimes especially at lower tier schools) become starry eyed when a Harvard or Princeton app comes across their desk. Less effort to convince a dean of a Harvard hire
  6. If you happen to go outside of academia, then yes, a Harvard name would impress more than Umich or a U Chicago. As for the reputation - I wonder how long this second program has had this reputation as a leader of the field? If its been for a consistent and long period of time then that's more reliable. If they just happen to be hot right now because they're doing what's trendy, then not as much so. I might be wrong, but the prestige of a Harvard or Yale name seems more robust then a popular trend which could die out quick. But academia is so volatile this all conjecture really.
  7. Have a visit weekend coming up and was given the schedule. Have like 4 individual meetings with faculty, only one of which was a listed POI. What exactly are the expectations of these meetings? Should I assume that I was given these meetings because the program sees some parallel between that faculty and my own research? (I've checked and I don't see much alignment) Should I know these faculties work and background?
  8. I was admitted to School 2 a few weeks ago. They informed me that they nominated me for a fellowship to the Graduate School, which only a few students throughout the school get (the process will take until the end of this month they said). They then paid for my plane ticket to fly out. This morning I was accepted to School 1 which is my top choice school. How do I go about this situation? I am interested in visiting School 2 because of the work being done and the faculty - and also to get practice in recruitment spaces. But also I don't want to occupy a space that could go to another stu
  9. I made it to the final rounds of interviews for my top choice programs. Afterwards they said they'd be contacting everyone in a couple of weeks. Two weeks later they contacted me again asking for my official transcript - can I assume that this means I'm basically in, or is it perhaps that they're asking for official transcripts before doing a final round with the committee?
  10. Who was the last NYU interview posted? Was it a late post or are they doing interviews this week?
  11. What made the interview so bad in your eyes? Do you think you actually did bad or retrospectively you were just really hard on yourself? Great ending though
  12. Do you have stories of having an interview which you thought didn’t go well but you still got accepted? Please share
  13. Recently I was invited for a finalist iinterview for a top program. While researching the adcom to prepare for the interview, I realized that one professor/committee members and I's research had a lot of interesting intersections thematically (Lets call them Professor X). I didn't list them on my SoP as a POI because I didn't know at the time. During the interview, I bombed the faculty fit part, because they informed me that one of the POI's I listed and wanted to work with will not be taking students anymore (when I reached out months prior they said they did...I don't know what happene
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