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  1. I'm asking specifically in the Religion forum because my background is mainly in another discipline and I'm unsure about Religion courses and their workloads. I'm starting a Religion PhD program and originally talked to an advisor about how many classes to take, and they recommended four. These would all be graduate seminars and add up to about 14 credits. I've been reading about how it's typical to take three as a full course load. If I did this, my credits would drop to 11. While there doesn't seem to be a minimum requirement at the school, it's "typical" (at least on the degree worksh
  2. Thanks! That was helpful! Maybe the same thing is happening with NYU too?
  3. Does Chicago send out rejections in waves?
  4. Thank you for that! I over-analyze literally everything.
  5. POI emailed me after acceptance to see if I'd like to visit the campus and would like to meet to discuss my choosing to go there. How does this response sound: Dear Dr. X, Thank you so much for this opportunity! I am thrilled at the prospect of joining the program! I would definitely like to visit the campus. When would be a convenient time to meet with you? Should I keep it short? I haven't accepted the offer yet but it is my #2 choice (that is in a different field than I originally applied to for the majority of my programs) and I am extremely excited. Edit: Just askin
  6. They emailed this morning my guy! I got in!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it! I'm waiting for them to take it back
  7. I totally understand that frustration. This is my first cycle applying and I had no idea that schools can just call you with an offer.
  8. I applied to 2 Religious Studies programs for North American religions and I got one interview with Columbia. They did not ask me at all about my Writing Sample. It was a very informal-seeming interview. They definitely ask you about the proposal, and even some logistical aspects of it that you might not have thought about before (I know I hadn't). I definitely think they are looking to connect your future research to where you are currently. I found it helpful to reference my writing sample even though they didn't bring it up because it helps to show that you've done related work and that you
  9. Oh God I'm not ready. Did you interview with them? I had one and I'm not sure how it went
  10. Has anyone been officially rejected from UVA yet? I keep wondering when they're going to send them
  11. Hi! I applied to both and haven't heard from either. I think a couple of people on the forum have been contacted for interviews. I also saw that someone said that Harvard was supposed to send decisions this week. I do think all admits have probably been contacted.
  12. So I applied for a doctorate at a school. They replied that although they could not admit me for the PhD program, they would like to offer me admission to the Masters program and recommend to the GSAS that I be granted a merit-based scholarship. The professor said that GSAS will be sending me the details soon. I am seriously considering the MA at this school, but I also want to know how my other 8 applications play out. I've had interviews at schools I haven't heard from yet and which haven't sent out results. The email with the MA offer didn't have details about money or any
  13. Welp, just got rejected from Stanford. Not even gonna pretend like this one didn't hurt.
  14. I applied to NYU. Had contact with 2 POIs before I submitted an app for sociocultural. I haven't heard anything. No interview or wait list notification. I'm assuming it's a rejection at this point
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