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  1. Hello. I'm just curious, if I may ask, what school was this?
  2. Hi all. I am an applicant in the 2021 Fall Session for anthro and am an international applicant. I gave the GRE several years ago and got a 301. Im retaking the exam. A student at Chicago had told me that for socio anthro, any score above a 310 is seen as acceptable and that the personal statement is what matters. I have a very high GPA and some work experience as an ethnographer. Not a flashy applicant. How much should i look to score on the GRE? My quant skills are very very poor. I want to apply to columbia, upenn and michigan for sure. not sure of other schools as i am still shortlisting.
  3. Hi everyone. I am a newcomer at Gradcafe and this forum is very, very helpful. I want to pose questions here about the planning of the application year. I shall only be applying to socio-anthro departments or to area studies departments for Fall 2021 session. I am an international applicant. Some of my questions are; 1. Exactly WHEN should we email our POI's? Most have advised me to email between July and November. While others have said that mail at any time of the year. What is a good time to write to them? 2. HOW MUCH detail should one give in emailing POI's? My pr
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