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  1. Congrats! 😊 I also got interview invitation from UA. In fact I had two different interviews with POIs and one of them was this morning. First one lasted for 20 mins, and second one over an hour. (They didn't say it was "interview" but "conversation" though...) Today I was asked to ask her questions and she said she wanted to give information as much as she can to help me make "big decision." I'd like to hear how your interview went, and I hope the best for both of us!
  2. I think somebody just posted the interview invitation from Yale. I applied to Yale too (anthro + F&ES) but I haven’t heard anything. I’m starting to get a little anxious..!
  3. Thank you @masthana, your tips helped a lot! I also want to share some questions from the interview with UCSC anthro. 1. Why PhD in anthropology? 2. How did your research interest shift from your past research? 3. What are some big questions that can be drawn from your research? 4. Why UCSC? Then I was asked about the scholarship I'm receiving and also to ask them questions.
  4. Thanks! Did you apply to UCSC as well? I didn't know about the no interview policy, maybe they're doing it differently this year. In fact my interview was yesterday and they told me that the decision will be made early - mid Feb.
  5. To the original post, I posted the interview invitation from UC Santa Cruz. I’m an international phd applicant and I received the email from graduate coordinator. Few days later I was notified that Graduate studies director and another professor - I didn’t mention any of them on my SOP so I assume they are interviewing me as admission committee? - will interview me. I also applied to UC Irvine but haven’t heard anything from them yet.
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