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  1. So did UT Austin do interviews for all of their Anthro tracks?
  2. Congratulations! Yeah it's looking like Columbia and Northwestern have sent their invites already. Sad.
  3. Woohoo! That's wonderful! And thanks for getting back to me. I'm hoping to hear back from the sociocultural
  4. Looks like one person posted a Columbia interview invite. Based on past years I'd expect today or tomorrow.
  5. Thanks! Congratulations! You were the one who posted to the results? Did you hear from POI or from dept.?
  6. Thanks! You were the one who posted to the results? Did you hear from POI or from dept.?
  7. Has anyone else heard from Northwestern or UT Austin yet?
  8. I love this info. Also, I'm so glad this thread is proving useful to folks!
  9. Hi all, I wanted to start a thread for folks to post interview invites to Anthropology programs. I saw a post in results from someone invited to interview for UC Santa Cruz's Anthropology program- yet previously there seem not to be interviews. Thought this would be a good place to share our knowledge of interview notifications. Here are the two I know: Columbia - Expected Interview Invite Week of January 27th Northwestern - Expected Interview Invite Week of Jan. 27th Curious if anyone else received invites to UC Santa Cruz, or other schools you know will extend interv
  10. Sorry for the confusion. That's actually not true. In RWL you have to take 3 classes, but 11 total. If you want the READING SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION, those have very specific requirements. My impression from the website and convos with other higher ed students is it is more restrictive but it sounds like you are here and in the program and maybe know me so I'm glad it worked out.
  11. Nope. I think it's informal and I'm quite sure you'll be fine. :-) Welcome (probably) to penn.
  12. Did you hear back from Berkeley yet, by chance? I think their offers went out today.
  13. Hi there. Congrats on your acceptance. I go to penn and am very close with the people in that program, and very familiar with it. I know in the past, yes, people have leveraged offers of aid at other universities to make a case for greater aid at Penn. And it has worked. You'll need to correspond directly with Jason, the director of aid at GSE. Yes, maybe a third to half of folks in ECS are focused on academia as opposed to pragmatic study. The required courses are heavily anthropological-historical, and you're allowed great flexibility outside them. That said, this program, next to
  14. If you got an interview for the mental health counselor program, it typically means you are admitted. I go to Penn and know the chair of that dept. well. Have they just not followed up with you to arrange the interview time? Could simply be an admin snafu.
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