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  1. Congratulations, Anthony81!! Must feel good to have the official acceptance I officially got rejected, but it is what it is, and I will try again next year. Congrats again!
  2. @Anthony81, I appreciate you coming back to let me know how it was laid out. Hope everything went well for you!!
  3. Darn! So sorry to hear that Fingers crossed that another one of yours works out for the best and soon!! I only applied to Vanderbilt and Penn, so I will be teaching for another year and try again next round.
  4. Hope it turns out better for you! Please feel free to come back and update here through the process. I'll most likely apply again next year and continue in my current teaching assignment for another year.
  5. @AzzerothSorry to hear that Here's hoping for good news from one of your other schools soon!! I only applied to Penn and Vanderbilt. Since I didn't get an interview at Penn, I am almost certain I will be rejected there as well. Time to focus on what I can control...my studying for GRE...round two 😄
  6. @lacroixluvr69I got an email tonight telling me to check the portal for an admissions update, and I received a rejection letter. Bummed, but now I am going to focus first on studying to bring up my GRE scores. I submitted mine, but maybe I shouldn't have. It's already done, so I'm just going to focus on what I need to be successful for next round. Best of luck to you!
  7. Got an email at 6:21pm to check my online portal for an admissions update, and I got a rejection letter. Oh well Time to work on my GRE scores for next year and try again! Good luck to everyone else
  8. I'm not sure if it's a smaller department. Checked my application this evening and still no change.
  9. Anyone have any updates regarding applying for a PhD in Education from Peabody at Vanderbilt? I applied for the K-12 Policy program. I just checked my application, and it still just says submitted.
  10. @Freezer29 I haven't heard anything at all from Vanderbilt regarding the outcome, whether good or bad, for myself. @Azzeroth Yeah taking the GREs at home was quite an experience 😅 I was happy with my writing score, but not the other two scores. I sent my scores to Vanderbilt, but maybe I shouldn't have. I wish everyone would just get rid of the requirement. It's a lot of time, but more importantly, it's expensive.
  11. Thanks for the info! Just curious, did you send your GRE scores? If so, do you mind me asking what you earned? I only applied to Penn and Vanderbilt, but my GREs weren't anything to write home about. I had friends and colleagues tell me the rest of my application was strong, but if schools sorted by GRE scores, mine was definitely thrown in the 'don't pile'. It's looking like I'm going to focus on studying for the GREs more and reapplying for next year. If you're willing and remember, please come back here and update on your progress. Wishing you good luck with everything!!
  12. Thanks for the info Azzeroth! Was this an interview with the professor you're interested in working with or a general interview? Trying to figure out if I'm essentially written off for this year since I did not have an interview. Any more info is much appreciated
  13. Phdhopeful27: I emailed two professors at Penn and got responses back from both. The one told me that programs were accepting reduced numbers this year and even recommended applying again next year if this year was unsuccessful. She also encouraged me to apply to multiple programs within the GSE to maximize chances of acceptance. Since I waited so late to email, I got her response after the application deadline. As a person that normally plans ahead, I did not do that very well at all with these applications. I did not email any prospective faculty at my other school, so for next round, I
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