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  1. How are things going for everyone? Are folks relieved that the process is over?
  2. Or more than just brag - what about folks who are passionate, happy, thankful, or resilient, good or bad?? I think we all deserve space to feel however we do after this hell of an application process. For me, I applied to 10 places, and got rejected from every single one except my perfect match, which was my 7th decision back. I am over the moon to somehow end up at the best place for me feat. collegial faculty, an interdisciplinary department, and a cohort which is queer/trans like me and respects my non-binary pronouns. ❤️
  3. Oh wow that could be good news for you! I was rejected from UMN Feminist Studies in their first wave of rejections on Feb 5th. If they haven't sent out any acceptances, that could mean you're on their shortlist! Since I posted that, I accepted an offer from a pretty interdisciplinary Anthropology program. I'm happy where I am and at this rate wouldn't have accepted Rutgers or UCSC if they accepted me
  4. I'm working with my POI to do individual Skype calls with other faculty + graduate students. Not ideal but it's the world we live in! 😕 By the way, anyone have updates about Rutgers WGS or UCSC Feminist Studies?? It's been so long...
  5. @LadyWolfshadow I feel the exact same!! The only reason I haven't committed to my one acceptance is because somehow 3 programs still haven't gotten back to me (and 1 of them had an application deadline of early December....) and I want to negotiate my offer. Luckily, since I'm already sure about my program, I can start to get the ball rolling on things like housing
  6. Feeling this too. I'll partake in whatever "virtual open house" my accepted department can arrange, but it's definitely a bummer. I also feel that it's never going to be over, you know? We're on the precipice of the grueling first year. I got accepted to one place - check - but now I have to plan and strategize how I'm going to interact with faculty over Skype, think about negotiation of funding, relocate across the country, etc etc.
  7. I received six straight rejections before getting admitted to my dream school for my seventh decision. I stopped what I was doing and started bawling because I was so sure after six out of 10 of my total decisions, that I would not get into school. You only need one to make it work. Don’t lose hope.
  8. Anyone got news from Rutgers WGS or UCSC Feminist Studies? Emailed them both about my application status and no answer yet...
  9. @reddcurry I was just accepted into a doctoral Anthropology program as well and am wondering if you would be comfortable telling us what is a livable stipend you consider and what isn't. I ask because I don't even have a basis of understanding to go off of to analyze my own stipend offer ($25k for 9 months, for 5 years).
  10. Y’all today on Valentine’s Day I was given my sixth rejection in a row out of my total 10 applications. I have a really strong application – I know that bc my recommenders and Graduate students who reviewed it said so too - But with only four left, I’m feeling pretty downtrodden. 4 left seems like a lot but it’s actually less than that: I have one really good shot where the professor told me she’s going to advocate for my acceptance in the admissions committee, but I haven’t heard anything back yet from the meeting which happened yesterday. I have 1 more shortlist too, and just 2 pending
  11. Congrats to the UCLA acceptances! And so it begins...I wonder how they'll roll out the rest of the decisions.
  12. I recommend you post in the Anthropology topic, especially Fall 2020 Applications. You can also check Results Search by searching the university and department.
  13. We see you, @lou1234. You can share on here without judgment. When one door closes, another one opens. When you hit rock bottom, you can only go up. I know that even if this school doesn't work out, there are more opportunities that could be even better for you. We just have to believe in the power of the next day - to keep going, despite the weight of life. I can understand suicidal ideation, having felt it myself because of issues with family. But little surprises - like virtual strangers seeing you - can make the next day worth it. And the next day. And then maybe after a few day
  14. I've gotten 4 rejections by now. I'm waiting on 2 places that interviewed me for a shortlist and I have at least 1 implicit rejection (I saw interviews for the schools on the result board but didn't receive anything personally). --> All this to say: I am now desperate to get into at least one place. I had people telling me I'd have my pick of the crop to then shifting my opinion to wanting at least a few options, and now I just want 1. To my #1 choice that interviewed me, I legit spent 30 minutes writing a thank-you email for the interview. It literally felt like the
  15. Oh wow! Congrats!! I hadn't heard of any weekend visits for my Anthro programs thus far. When did you receive it? And did they give you any more info like if you're on the official shortlist?
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