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  1. Hey, I would try the following: 1. Reach out to your letter writers and ask them for advice in terms of research and projects- I assume these people support you so they may offer you resources and maybe even you can volunteer some of your time to help them on their research to add to your CV meanwhile 2. use this downtime to reconsider the programs you applied to (make sure they are a fit with where you want to take your research rather than applying to top-ranked schools). Also, make three different categories of "reach programs"- programs that are hard to get into, "mid-tier"-
  2. Same for me and Rutgers... Keep your fingers crossed and keep us posted!
  3. No need to apologize! I wanted to provide the link here in case someone wanted to look at more info on programs
  4. Thanks for the optimism on UMN, and congrats on the Anthro acceptance! So Rutgers did interviews in January #depresessionmode LOL I found another forum in the GWS/Feminist Studies Field LOL heres the link :
  5. Congrats on the interview! Things probably got slowed down because of the COVID-19 thing going on— keep your hopes up! I applied and have not heard back so I know they haven't sent rejections!! LOL
  6. Yo! I'm in the same boat right now….
  7. Have not heard from Rutgers WGSS or UMN Twin Cities Fem. Studies on my end - Try and keep hope- we may have to reach out to them pretty soon since it's less than a month away before the deadline…. I've heard of programs contacting individuals after the 4/15 deadline, so there is always a little hope
  8. School visits got canceled because of COVID 19….. what is everyone doing to make decisions if there is not a school visit?
  9. Good luck on UW- heaing nothing might be good news-
  10. No sorry- but UCLA rejected me LOL What is up with Rutgers?
  11. Anyone apply to Gender/Feminist Studies (Fall 2020)/ hear from programs?
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