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  1. No, I’d be fine with either of the programs. One is Science and Technology Studies and the other is Mexican American Studies. Both are related to my dissertation idea and I’d be elated to just be admitted to one. I originally got my BA in psychology so I’m not deadset on anthropology.
  2. I’m in sociocultural. I applied to two anthropology programs and both rejected me. The other two programs are outside of anthropology but still related to my dissertation idea. Idk I’m starting to lose hope and don’t think I’ll be admitted to either. And if by some miracle I am, I won’t get any funding.
  3. UPDATE: Just checked my portal and I was rejected. Second rejection in less than 3 days and only two programs left to hear from 😰
  4. Same. I saw acceptances posted on Friday, Jan 24 for a program I applied to, and originally the graduate coordinator said they would let applicants know by the end of January. I reached out to them last Thursday to see if there's been any update on my application and they said they are still in the final stages of the review process...interesting since other people have been admitted. No rejections have been posted, so at this point, I'm just assuming I've been rejected. It makes no sense why they don't just send them out already. I need closure too, ugh 😞
  5. Congrats to you as well! Just messaged you 😊
  6. Same. Oh hey! I'm from the Bay Area too and also an Anthropology student! 😃 I moved to Arizona exactly a year ago though and have applied to ASU and UofA. I've been going insane checking my e-mail, university portals, every time my phone rings my heart immediately starts to race, and it's all I think about. At least I'll know about one decision soon since ASU is supposed to send out admission decisions next week (per an e-mail last month from the graduate coordinator). Which is exciting, but at the same time, if I am rejected, I will be absolutely crushed.
  7. Is the person who posted their interview for sociocultural anthropology at University of Arizona on the results page on here by any chance? My POI reached out to me as well on Jan 17 via e-mail and asked for a Skype conversation on Jan 21. Skype went well. POI asked questions about my research experience and specifics about my dissertation idea. POI said they would reach out to me personally to let me know the results and I would receive an official notification from the department in the next few weeks. UA is my #1 choice so I’m hoping I get in!
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