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  1. Hey, think of it this way--you got interviews at two of the best prestigious cultural anthropology programs in the country. You definitely should keep at it if this is something you want to do. You have the skills.
  2. Really interesting to see the UC Irvine interview on the results page, over a week after the first rush of interview notifications. Perhaps the rest of us still have a chance 😬 Best of luck to everyone waiting on notifications from all of their programs of interest.
  3. Does anyone know if UPenn anthro interviews all eventual admits, or does that depend on the POIs? Curious if maybe that ship has already sailed after seeing a couple of interview notifications on the results page.
  4. Yep! It is one of my top two programs in terms of interest level. Looking forward to it and curious how many prospective students will attend.
  5. To the original post, I add that Emory anthropology's interview weekend is February 6th-8th To the one right above, I also applied to UC Irvine and have not heard anything. Seems like they usually notify about interviews early-mid January, and this is already past the latest that they have ever done so. Perhaps they moved the interview date back or cut interviews? Curious if anyone has any insights.
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