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  1. Hi all, I’m coming to Indiana in the Anthropology program! I’ll be staying near Bryan Part. Excited to meet you all. Let’s do this!
  2. NicholeB

    Bloomington, IN

    This is absolutely valuable advice. Thank you very much for offering it! It is especially difficult now with all the chaos that it is almost impossible to view apartments and making a day trip up there doesn't seem like it would do much good.
  3. NicholeB

    Bloomington, IN

    Yes! I need a roommate as well. DM me! Looking forward to meeting you.
  4. NicholeB

    Bloomington, IN

    I will be attending IUB this Fall as a graduate student. I do not want to live in a largely undergraduate populated area. Does anyone have a good site to find roommates? I have a dog and would love to rent a house and then just get a roommate, but I'm nervous about renting site unseen. Thoughts and resources?
  5. That's a really difficult choice to make. I did the opposite and have a masters in Religious Studies but am going into a PhD program in Anthropology. I chose anthropology because it is more flexible and I can still study religion in that field. But, many of my advisors have told me that school prestige matters much more than the actual program and to make whichever program work for you and take advantage of all the opportunities. Have you visited ether school yet? I would go with whomever I felt most comfortable with.
  6. Indiana University-Bloomington March 26-28 - Invite. They referred to it as "recruitment weekend". They have provided some funds for travel and are paying for the hotel. Still have not received an itinerary.
  7. Oh I missed that! Looks like interviews were announced and no admit/reject notices. I saw green in my search but that was from last year! Keeping the hope alive. Good luck to you too.
  8. Has anyone heard anything from UBC or University of Pennsylvania, specifically in the archaeology subfield? I've seen UPenn socio-cultural acceptances/rejects but none other than that. -dying here
  9. I got a formal email from the department with a formal acceptance letter. Nothing from my POI.
  10. nope, no idea. I have spoken to my PI at UPenn and she told me admissions committee is meeting Feb. 5 for archaeology track
  11. I was just accepted to IUB without an interview
  12. I was accepted! Now what? :P

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    2. Sigaba



      Finish strong. Rest up. Towards the end of July, plan on ways that you can hit the ground running in the fall. Potential tasks include: 

      • reading up on the policies of your new program and school,
      • making sure that the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed with what ever financial support you're receiving,
      • doing background research on the professors with whom you will likely work,
      • identifying and reading one or two "must reads" in your intended fields (don't over do it),
      • revisiting your notes/work from your UGI so that you know what you're supposed to know, and
      • developing an understanding of the differences between being an undergraduate and a graduate student.
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