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  1. I wish I had known that GRE's don't really mean much, even for highly ranked programs. I was aiming for a set score to make up for my transition from social sciences to STEM, so retook it a second time and scored exactly the same, and actually lower on AW. I wasted that time and money, which could have been dedicated to other things like my applications, my actual job, or even my hobbies. Applied to three schools (not that rankings matter, but to emphasize my point on GREs not meaning the world, one was ranked top 10, one is in the top 5) and somehow was still admitted with varying
  2. This JUST happened to me. I accepted School A, because it was the best financial option at the time (I applied to three schools) the April 15th deadline came around. I was set on attending, paid my deposit. Everytime I contacted School B for a decision, they told me they were unsure of when it would be released. April and May passed, and I finally decided to sign a lease with future roommates, so as to not lose the housing they found. the same day, I heard from School B and that they would be offering full tuition. Now I have to talk to School A to notify them that I wont be att
  3. I did follow up to say that I was still very much interested and wanted to learn about housing since it's quite late. But I do understand it's been a short time since my visit. I called the admissions/secretary to follow up afterwards. I'm interested in this -- so an offer of admission is not the same as an acceptance? He also told me about the funding and stipend situation. Just a little on my toes, as I had already committed to another program since the deadline to respond was April 15th. Also secured housing since I had not heard from the program for the entire month of April and May
  4. Thank you and I hope my situation is similar to yours! It was worded along the lines of "we would like to offer you admission for the ... degree program" if I was interested. My response was that I was excited but that I wanted to visit and learn more before making a decision. @fuzzylogician thank you. I sure hope so. It was a little concerning that the contact person wasn't aware I was offered admission. I was told yesterday she has to confirm with the dept head and professor if I really am admitted.
  5. I was offered admission via email on June 1 by the dept head. Visited the school/program on June 6th. When I contacted the admissions person, I was told that she was not aware of this communication, so I had to forward her the email I received. If it's not a formal offer, do they still have a chance to not offer me admission? Are they accountable to the offer they made via email?
  6. For what it's worth, I think your profile will do just fine. Though I will say that I think letters of recommendation and the institutions that your references went to and your SOP are probably the most important aspects of your application. I have a poor math background, and so I mostly tried to avoid it in undergrad. But now that I'm looking for a career change, I'm switching to a STEM field. I applied to three programs (2 at top 10 schools, and another school in the midwest), and was admitted to two of them and unofficially admitted to another just a week ago in a joint masters/PhD pr
  7. Second everyone else. Magoosh. They also have other guides that they recommend like the Manhattan Prep 5lb book of practice problems.
  8. Is it okay to keep asking about my application and mention that I'd like to know for planning reasons? I've already accepted another offer to a different school, but the academic calendars are a month apart. The program I'm waiting on wouldnt begin til late Sept, while the one I've accepted begins in August. I'm mostly waiting to see if the program I'm waiting on would have a better financial offer, which would change my plans to attend the other program which provided partial funding but is farther away from home (2 flights vs 1).
  9. Which would be the better option? MEng/PhD would have first year covered, second year with grants with a professor, and remainder of PhD with funding, but 4-5 years in length MEM has about 75% funding, two years in length
  10. I emailed the department and heard back earlier this week. It seems if you haven't heard back you are probably on the wait list, as I am.
  11. Just spoke to the SDC department about my application and the different options since I'm on the waitlist for the MEng/PhD. I think the MS is the professional route (no thesis required) and MEng is the more academic route with 15 extra units for your thesis. but maybe this is different for CEE?
  12. With decisions coming out so late, do you guys think it's at all realistic to leverage a late responding program to the program you accepted back in April?
  13. I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice to this situation. I applied to three similar but different programs last year. Two were for Masters degrees, and one was for a PhD since the website said that if you didn't qualify for the PhD, they would consider you for the MS. I heard back from two of them this Feb/March and made my decision in April after not hearing from the PhD program. I heard back today via email that they would like to talk to me on whether I'd like to pursue the PhD with an MS along the way. I'm not sure if this means I was admitted, and if there will be an
  14. Coincidentally, another new hire at my workplace is an FES grad (but with an built environment/architecture focus). Just from my brief conversation with her, it does seem like Yale FES is very broad-based and not a place to go if you want concrete technical skills. But she has a different perspective from me, so she said she liked that her education was broad so she can apply it in creative ways. Also to add on to the atmosphere from the Duke Admitted Students weekend, but current students there struck me as very down to earth, which I really liked.
  15. It's weird to have not heard either about an acceptance or rejection from Stanford yet. Even though I probably won't be accepted, and I am ~85% sure I will attend another school I visited, it would be nice of them to at least send out a notification after paying $125 for the app fee :/
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