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  1. I had a 3.42 overall GPA and a 3.46 CSD gpa, I took the GRE twice and managed to get a 152 verbal, 151 quant, and a 5 on AW. I applied to 14 schools last year (first time applying) and was accepted to 9 out of the 14! Many were acceptances off of the waitlist but an acceptance is an acceptance! I think you just need to apply smart, do well on your personal essays, and make sure to have some LOR's that help you stand out. I truly think my letters are what got me into so many schools. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out! I know I was terrified to apply and really did not think
  2. I'd say chemistry! I took an online chemistry course from a local community college and it was very doable and easy! (This coming from a girl who almost failed chem in high school)
  3. Yeah i emailed the program director and decided to not say why I was backing out!
  4. I also received an offer of admission from the waitlist and turned it down. Hopefully it's given to one of you all!
  5. Thank you! That makes me feel much better! The school I originally accepted at was from off their wait list so I hope they still have people they can contact to fill my spot. Luckily the school didn't have a deposit so I wouldn't be losing any money, I just feel bad being super excited about accepting and then basically saying psych.
  6. So...as I assumed, the one school that I had been waiting to hear from since December finally contacted me today letting me know that I was accepted into their program! They didn't give me any sort of decision before the 15th (not even a waitlist) and told me I would know asap. So because the 15th came I accepted at another program that I was lucky to get into so I would have somewhere to attend. But the school that accepted me today is my number 1 school and has been my dream school ever since wanting to apply for grad schools. I had a feeling that I would be backing out of a school to a
  7. I've been waitlisted at 8 schools and finally got off one this past Friday. It's definitely anxious because I'm waitlisted at my second school and technically still haven't heard anything from my number 1 (they say my application is still being considered but won't tell me if I'm even waitlisted). I'm constantly checking my email and this darn website. I hope that we can hear some news within the week following the 15th. Hopefully the schools will be diligent in going through their waitlists and won't make us last any longer.
  8. I've been waitlisted at nine schools and finally got off of one last Friday! So it does happen!
  9. Will be declining at Wayne State University and will also be taking my name off the waitlist at UW Steven's Point and Indiana State
  10. I went through a very similar situation that you are currently going through. I decided last year not to apply due to a low gpa and just felt like I didn't have a chance. Meanwhile all my friends were getting accepted into top programs (my roommate was accepted to all her schools). Whenever friends in class would start talking about graduate school I would usually tune them out and focus on my work or just go along with the conversation. I know it's hard because the jealousy definitely does creep up and sometimes I was fighting back tears because I wished so badly I was in their position. You
  11. I declined my waitlist position at Andrews University and will most likely be declining my waitlist position at SLU
  12. I haven't heard anything! I saw a few waitlists on the results page but I feel like we would've seen more decisions posted on that page if they sent out decisions. I haven't heard of any acceptances/denials yet
  13. To be honest, this was going to be my plan as well. I'm currently accepted at one school and waitlisted at 6 others (2 being from my top 3 choices). All the schools I'm waitlisted at are closer to home and less expensive. I don't think it's unprofessional to do so because this is your career that you're talking about. By accepting, you'll at least have that satisfaction of knowing that you'll be attending a program somewhere, in case the waitlists don't work out. I'm sure there are many people who have been in these situations and have withdrawn from a program, that's why there are waitlists!
  14. Another queen of waitlists here, currently on 6! (was on 7 but took my name off of one) I'm hoping to hear some good news from one of them before April 15 as all of these schools I'm waitlisted at are closer to me than the one school I've been accepted at so far. Also still have not heard from my number 1 pick so I'm hoping for some good news before the 15th!
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