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  1. Thanks guys! Hope we all get in too Keep me posted! Do you guys know how many people they are accepting?
  2. Hi! I applied to Tennessee State as well. I haven't gotten my results yet, but they told me they would come in on the 8th!!
  3. Yes, I just got a job as an SLPA starting in the fall so i'm glad we both at least have jobs
  4. After hearing nothing again today, I'm starting to feel like it's time to give up...
  5. Haha that would happen of course ? Ugh nothing today for me... here's hoping for tomorrow...
  6. Super anxious for next week now that they finally updated us via email!!
  7. Have you had any contact from them at all since the initial waitlist email?
  8. I'm so anxious, I am still waiting on University of Northern Colorado's distance program..
  9. Are you declining Northern Colorado's online or their residential program?
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