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  1. Hi! I would try contacting Rafael Vasquez, he is the Enrollment Management Specialist. His email is rvasquez@albizu.edu. Not sure about that program there but I believe it has to do if you want to be a teacher and work in the ESE Department.
  2. I would try contacting Rafael Vasquez, here is his email: rvasquez@albizu.edu; I think they would consider it speech science but I am not sure. I would ask Rafael about the pre-reqs. I think they are anticipating continuing online for a while now. I'm not sure about once you start clinical's in your last semester how that would work. I think you would just have to set up clinical sites, but I think they have some out of state people as well that do clinical's. I honestly don't think they judged the article critique and personal statement too harshly, but they did grade my critique. I didn't th
  3. It was super easy! The academic advisor, Rafael Vasquez was super nice and helpful. He also responded really quick! You just have to fill out the application on Albizu Universities website and pay the $50 fee I believe it is. I applied for their Spring Semester so they wanted the application in by August 1st (just the online portion) and your GRE scores, two letters of recommendation (they have a form online you send them or they can create their own and they send it to Rafael), resume, and Official transcripts by Sept 1st. They also wanted unofficial transcripts sent to him by July 1st to mak
  4. Try applying to some of the newer, less known school's! I just got accepted into Albizu University with a pretty low gpa. I think it's because on EdFind it shows they're in Puerto Rico, but their other campus is in Miami so barely anyone applies. Pretty neat school too, classes are Friday and Saturday so you can still work and right now they're online. Definitely check EdFind for school's that are a little more new and check their stats to see if your gpa and gre scores are around the same. Also try adding experience too.
  5. Hi! I was just accepted into Albizu University Master's program on the Miami Campus for Spring 2021! I'm super excited! Anyone else get accepted into this program and have any intel about it? Would love to talk to more people that will be in my cohort as well! Applied to Albizu University, Miami Campus Stats: GPA: Undergrad 3.2, ComD 3.39, GRE 147 V, 141 Q 4.0 AW Decision: Albizu University, Miami Campus
  6. Yeah in the letter I received they make you wait six months before you can apply again and you have to submit a letter of what you have improved. I believe you can also only apply twice to the school.
  7. Yeah, the thing was UCF doesn't require it for their bachelor's degree at all and instead has Hearing Disorder's Across the Lifespan and then obviously Audiology, which to tell you the truth the class was basically both of those two classes combined. No, I am not. It was kind of like a last hope effort as well and I didn't apply to any schools, because I applied Fall 2017/Spring 2018 and I guess USAHS wasn't accepting student's from Florida when I originally applied.
  8. Yeah, so literally the day after I completed the class, they sent me an email today of denial. Like I kind of wished if they were going to deny me anyways that they should have then instead of making me wait one whole semester taking a class, which I paid $500 for because I highly doubt one class that I got a good grade in determined their decision.
  9. It went very well! Yeah, I'm just hoping that they didn't make me take the class and then just deny me because they really pushed for me to take it through them instead of somewhere else and it was a lot of money I had to pay out of pocket. I still haven't heard back from the enrollment advisor, but I am going to try and call them this coming week about it. Good luck on your application, though as well!
  10. Sooo at UCF for our Bach in CSD our only hearing classes that we had were Audiology and Hearing Disorders Across the Lifespan and they wouldn't accept Hearing Disorders Across the Lifespan for Aural Rehab so they highly suggested that I take it with their campus this Spring and that my application will roll over for Fall semester. I emailed the enrollment advisor about it, but I haven't heard back yet. I might try calling tomorrow if I still haven't heard anything.
  11. Finishing up my required class that was needed that they couldn't take from my UCF classes. Took it online with USAHS, because they highly suggest doing so instead of taking it at a different university. Just emailed the academic advisor about it! Hoping my application really does move on to the Fall semester. I already went through the interview process back in October and really enjoyed everyone on the faculty and how the program was set up! Here's to hoping everything goes smoothly. Kind of worrisome to hear that spots are already being filled up though. I had no idea they were building ano
  12. Oh wow! Thank you for that information! I asked everyone I went to undergrad with, but they never heard about it either. lol For the University of Saint Augustine it said it could be credits of Audiology and Aural Rehab or Audiology and Fundamentals of Hearing, so I was hoping Hearing Disorders would work for that. haha I feel like UCF wouldn't have let me take that class anyways since it's in the graduate program, but too late now lol USAHS said they'd look into for future applicants when I told them UCF doesn't have it for undergrad because I guess a lot of applicants didn't have that class
  13. Hi! So I went to the interview and it was very lax and everyone was super nice. They asked how you’d handle certain situations and basically get to know you. They also showed us the campus and told us about the program. There wasn’t many people for the interview, only like six of us and they were saying they were going to have one more interview group the next month. For me they emailed me the following week saying the “Hearing Disorders Across the Lifespan” class from UCF wouldn’t count for the “Aural Rehab” credit, which didn’t really make sense to me and we didn’t have that part of our degr
  14. They made us visit the Austin campus because that's the campus we would go to our residency's one weekend every trimester. I tried asking if the could do a skype or facetime for me since I also live in Florida, but they said that they would like us to visit there and do the interview in person.
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