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  1. I am just seeing this forum as well. I am looking into their post-bacc program as well as the master program at SUNY Plattsburgh, do you have any information you would like to share? Have you attended this program?
  2. Bspeech

    St. Louis, MO

    The website says rolling admissions, but does anyone know when the deadlines are throughout the year for spring, summer and fall ??
  3. Bspeech

    St. Louis, MO

    @salsaverde525 Did you take the CDIS Leveling courses? That is what I am starting this summer and am very anxious as to the work load.
  4. After completing some course work elsewhere, I have now enrolled at ENMU to finish up my pre-reqs for their SLP program. I am curious on how difficult their pre-req courses are... How well they are supported by professors vs not... I am currently enrolled: Language Science (CDIS 303) Weeks: 6/7-7/30 Professor: info not available yet Articulation/Phonological Disorders (CDIS 311) Weeks: 6/7-7/30 Professor: Charlotte Mason Speech-Language-Hearing Anatomy and Physiology (CDIS 300) Weeks: 06/07/2021 - 07/30/2021 Professor: Nicole Bougie I am debating on adding another course, but unsure of how the course load would be.
  5. That is exciting! Congrats! When does everyone have to give their final decision of accepting or declining at UVM?
  6. Hello! Congrats! I am not sure if you will get this but I have been trying to get ahold of albizu to gain more knowledge on the pre-reqs that were needed for application as well as what the exceptional child education was?
  7. What schools did you apply to? I am also an out-of-field applicant and am on the waitlist for a school. I am desperate to get into due to my situation. I am trying to stay positive but hopeful that I will have the chance of getting into UVM.
  8. I am sad to say that I am currently WAITLISTED... I am trying to remain hopeful and positive. However, it just doesn't seem like this is going to happen for me right now. Anyone else waitlisted at UVM? This is my only choice due to my current situation.
  9. Where do you think you might go? Do you have any ideas? I am not familiar with William Paterson... but good luck with your future at any of those schools!
  10. I am but from another University. I have been told don't worry, you are within the middle area then. You aren't a "top choice" but you aren't rejected yet! So don't lose hope!
  11. I am looking for newer SLP Programs. I have heard about Lebanon Valley College being new but I haven't heard much about it. Has anyone heard of this college, their program, or any other "newer" programs?
  12. Is there another forum for results section.?? I must have missed that one!
  13. For some reason mine wasn’t verified until the 21st but I’m just patiently awaiting an answer. It’s my top choice so I am getting a little nervous. I was curious if they sent letter via email or mail but makes sense it is email indicating to check the portal. Was it the graduate application portal that they said to check? My status is still just “submitted”
  14. Have you heard from UVM? One other member of this forum received acceptance on 2/27.
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