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  1. You might be able to get a job at an animal shelter during the weekends, but you'll probably need at least some volunteer experience. You could also try temp agencies and more retail places (like you have been). I had the same problem of not being able to find a job (and it's partially why I'm going to grad school). I think it's going to be hard right now with so many people unemployed and forced to take those retail jobs. If you're in a small college town it will be harder, you're going to be applying to all those positions along with all the other college students who need money.
  2. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/242024209336765/ What prerequisites are you taking?
  3. Has anyone attended this program that could tell me more about it and how they like it? I've familiarized myself with everything on their website, but would love to hear your personal opinions and experiences. Any incoming students?
  4. Did anyone make a page for Western Carolina University?
  5. UPS has a tuition reimbursement program that I've used to pay for most of my leveling classes. They offer up to 5k/year for PT package handlers and it's available from the time you start (if you're at an eligible location). You can also get health insurance after 10 (or 12?) months. It might be too much with grad school though.
  6. You can look into state scholarships or try to find employers that are willing to pay some portion of your graduate debt for x years of service. There are also companies that offer tuition reimbursement (usually only up to 5250/year because that's the maximum per employee for tax benefits) if you work during graduate school for them. For California residents: 1. The Advanced Practice Health Scholarship: Those awarded the scholarship can receive up to 25k for one year of school. If awarded, you have to agree to a 12 month service obligation (full-time) direct patient care at a qualif
  7. You still haven't heard anything from them, right? I don't understand what's taking so long especially since they sent out a bunch of acceptances already.
  8. Thanks. I haven't heard anything back from them yet, I hope that doesn't mean it's bad news. Are you going to go to NCCU?
  9. Does anyone know if NCCU still plans to send out admissions decisions this month or before April 15th?
  10. I went to CUNY Queens for a different undergrad degree. It seems like you're both from NYC as well, but if you want any general info about the campus I can probably help. They do have good connections with the nearby schools.
  11. @mountaingirl135 I just got waitlisted at App too. Hopefully we'll get good news from WCU.
  12. I'm not an international student, but I know Minot State University charges the same price to international students as in-state students. I think it's under 15k/year.
  13. There are schools that accept students with a lower GPA. If you use the search function for this sub-forum and search low GPA or low GPA acceptances you can see where other people applied and accepted. Here are a few I've heard of off the top of my head. Francis Marion University University of South Carolina Grand Valley State University Xavier University of Louisiana ENMU
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