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  1. hi sorry it took me so long, but i declined after all so I hope this opens up a spot for someone! It really seems like a pheonomenal program, it was a tough decision.
  2. Hi! I just got notified. They gave me until May 1st to decide
  3. If anyone has any information they could share about either program that would help me better compare the two programs, I would greatly appreciate it! I have been accepted to both and I am trying to make the best decision for myself.
  4. I just declined my offer to Redlands University. Hope this helps someone out!
  5. Yes, I definitely understand you. Luckily, I also came out of undergrad debt free, but for that same reason taking out such large loans for my first time is even more the scarier. Out of the schools I applied for I also had the most difficulty finding information about CSULB, which was disappointing. Their website was underwhelming. Some of the info that I got from the interview open house: -it's a 5 semester program, no summers, and you don't have to take any extra classes (in case you were a post-bac student) -they have a multicultural emphasis & offer a bilingual certifica
  6. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing this information. I will definitely look into these for the next year.
  7. 100k is so insane. It's ridiculous. I feel you on the stress, but I'm glad it worked out for you!
  8. That was wise of you and I'm sure someone else appreciated the opportunity to get into Chapman as a result. It really is a shame. Congratulations on CSULB!!
  9. Thank you for all the information!! I know you had a particular experience, but is there anyway you can share/estimate the total cost of the program that you ended up paying out of pocket/with loans? I know everyone's situation will be different, but I am just trying to get an idea of how much it will be. Redlands told me graduate students don't receive their award letters until mid May, which is not very helpful as we need to make a decision by this week.
  10. So I would say I decided on applying to grad school much later in the app season than others and I only recently discovered this site. I wanted to stay home in order to save money so I really limited myself to researching schools that were local to me (CSUF, CSULB, Redlands, Chapman). I ended up being accepted at the two private universities, Redlands & Chapman, and waitlisted at the other two. I was really hoping to get into a state school. Although I love both schools I was accepted into, I don't think I fully processed the large tuition cost when I was applying (silly me lol). It goes
  11. Just wondering if anyone is declining their admission to CSULB?
  12. Hi, I will most likely be declining my admissions offer. I am waiting to hear back from their financial aid department and considering a few other factors, but just wanted to let you know!
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