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  1. Hi everyone! Wondering if anyone has any info about the CSULB masters SLP program (schedule, teachers, externships, reviews...etc). I am trying to decide between there and another school and have found very little on the program! Thank you in advanced!
  2. I hear you on cost of schools! I am trying to decide between private school and public state school as well! I was blown away by the private school and left feeling unsure about the state school. I fortunately do not have any debt but still know that this'll be a lot for the future! I am trying to look into the public school more so I don't just decide because of the cost but haven't found much about the program online. Any advice for someone considering between the two? State school: CSULB Private School: Biola
  3. So I interviewed on 3/25 as well and have not heard yet an acceptance, rejection or waitlist! I noticed that someone emailed them and found out they got waitlisted after the email! Do you guys recommend that I email or wait until the date they said we would hear? They told us we would hear by the week of 4/13 :/
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