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  1. If you have specific schools in mind you can check with them to see if they are waiving their GRE requirement. I'm sure some will and many won't. I'm planning to take the GRE a 2nd time later this summer and I'm thinking that as states begin/continue to reopen there will be testing sites that reopen - I'd prefer to take at a center vs. at home but at home may continue to be an option. Check out reddit /GRE and there are lots of good resources and recommendations for Quant prep. I used Magoosh the first time around and it's good for quant - good luck!
  2. Agree 100%! With your excellent GPA and GRE scores you should be competitive at most schools and probably just a little unlucky at UWW and UWEC - hopefully you will get in off the waitlist and all will be good. Also "safeties" for SLP probably applies better to a small group of schools as opposed to one or two given the competitiveness of this field. I'm a CA resident and applying next year and know I may face a similar situation. Anyways I'm sure you will do great with whatever you decide and maybe the waitlist options will work out.
  3. Totally get how it's disappointing to turn down the more prestigious Northwestern option but think you dodged a bullet on that one - it is crazy expensive and not worth it for most. It sounds like Milwaukee is home for you and it might be an even bigger perk that you get to live at home. I'd try to look at getting into your local school as a positive rather than a negative, as many very qualified applicants would love to have that option. Anyways, your stats look great and if it's really not the right choice for you it might be good to explore some different options in the next cycle as many schools on your list are expensive and most are extremely competitive - OK to keep some reaches but add a few more safeties that you like better than UWM, eliminate the crazy expensive options. Good luck!
  4. I would think that what is found on EdFind is probably most accurate as this is data they are reporting to ASHA. Data or general comments on a school's website may have somewhat of marketing slant and may not get updated frequently.
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