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  1. I have noticed some big discrepancies between the admissions statistics that programs list on their own websites and the stats that the ASHA EdFind tool lists. Does anyone know how up to date or reliable the EdFind tool is? For example, Teacher's College, Columbia's website says, "In recent years, we have received approximately 800 applications each year. We have an acceptance rate of approximately 15%." ASHA's page on Teacher's College, Columbia, says they had 481 applicants and offered admission to 202 applicants, which would be a much higher acceptance rate. MGH's website says, "W
  2. I'm in a similar position, and after looking at all the options it looked like the best course for me was to take a few classes in a non-degree program and apply to schools that have flexible options for non-degree applicants (i.e. don't require a related BA and allow you to complete some of the pre-reqs as you apply, the summer before matriculating, and/or during the program). This way I can take just 1-2 courses per semester while working full-time. I'm going to try to do as many pre-reqs before applying to MAs as possible just to save money (as it'd be much more expensive to extend grad sch
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